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Paducah KY 42001 - United States


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Author, Hypnotherapist, Speaker/Presenter

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in Living What You Love

About Natalie Schubert

I love expansiveness whether it is in the form of expansive thinking, expansive research or traveling this beautiful planet of ours.  I enjoy looking at the big picture. I ask,“What if?” as I work out the details in a way to the highest excitement of all involved.  That is this galactic girl’s idea of fun.

I was born in Mildenhall, England and lived around the world as the oldest child of a U.S. Air Force family.  I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Health Science.  I was commissioned as a USAF officer and completed my Masters in Science at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University while serving in the Air Force. I was a Junior Officer Leadership Development Seminar Leader with the Air Force Reserves and trained and certified as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Consultant. 

I left active duty to play and explore.  I pursued my interest in health studies by graduating from massage school in Atlanta.  This was a wonderful platform to study holistic and spiritual practices from all over the world.

I found my creative entrepreneur side by owning and operating several businesses and properties in the Panhandle of Florida.  But with 70 plus hour work weeks, I began to crave a balanced, soul nurturing life.  After a great deal of daily meditation and restoration, I became a Reiki Master and honed my interest in holistic studies.  I also began playing with energy and photographing my encounters. I considered this a way of capturing consciousness.

Attending Art School helped me to harness my new discoveries into energy art and light writing as my own expression of high vibration.  This G.I. Jane, Corporate Kiddo looked up one day and realized to her absolute delight, “Look Mom!  I’m an artist!”  No one could have been more surprised that my life had taken such a creative, expansive turn (except maybe my mother).

I trained with renowned author and hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon to become a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist.  My experience with past life regression has allowed me to help clients in a unique and again expansive way.  

I co-created The Sisters of Earth and Sky with my best friend and soul sister Jennifer Hunt.  In 2013 we created a high energy website that gives women a place to enjoy a community of S.I.S (sisters in spirit).    That year also saw the release of our first book, How To Be Happy Being Yourself-- Experiencing Life Your Way Without Being A Bitch.  The book has been downloaded in 10 countries  from Amazon.com.  It has been such a pleasure to give women a permission slip to “LIVE WHAT THEY LOVE”.

I enjoy what I do. I love helping people step out of their own way, step into who they really are and who they really want to be. Seeing people turn their passions into their life’s work is an inspiration and an honor.  It is an absolute joy to help clients see the bigger picture of their journey and help them to expand into that vision.  I have a deep love for all things interesting, fun and whimsical along with all things other worldly and profound.  It is a pleasure working with YourTango.com to help others create their version of an expansive life.