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Are you compatible? The answers can be see in the face. Why leave it to fate check out your date.

We all read faces from the moment we meet someone, we get a sense about who that person is. Over the years we subconsciously record these patterns and when we see someone’s face it triggers off a connection or memory we have noticed in the past. Face Pattern Recognition, which is the relationship between the facial structure and personality, provides us with a tool that helps us to better understand people we meet.

Face Pattern Recognition (formerly known as Personology) has been well researched over the years. It is a more scientific approach that studies the relationship between the facial structure and personality. In other words the shape of the face is the template to our inner blue print, which indicates our innate strengths and challenges. Many of these features or abilities can be seen at the time of birth, such as writing, music, design, detail, perfectionist, controller, etc.

As we go through life we are exposed to many different situations. We also experience non-supportive remarks such as "You’ll never be any good at that." or "What do you want to do that for?" And in many cases a children can be so criticized by well-meaning parents that it can put their life on hold. Never good enough! In adulthood, Face Pattern Recognition can revive these abandoned dreams by finding that the key talents, personality and behavior traits that drove you as a child to be on stage, for example are of course the very same ones you have now.

Today where there are so many break ups within marriages and relationships, knowing more about the person you are dating or thinking of living with, gives you insight on what to expect. Or if you are having differences within your marriage, the more insight and understanding you can have about your significant other, helps to smooth out the rough spots. It also helps you to develop an awareness on how your style of communication is effecting your partner. Why leave it to fate? Check out your date, or consider a relationship profile.

As one couple shared with me “Both my husband and I were in awe of your Relationship Assessment. We’ve listened to it on the CD you sent us many times. It acts as a reminder of who we are, and we now have a better understanding of each other."

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