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Re-Inventing Your Relationship With Money

About Nancy Rae Evans

Hi! I’m Nancy Rae Evans, and I’m a financial coach. I help people build their money muscles. It’s like having a personal trainer for financial fitness. In fact, that’s the title of my forthcoming book: Financial Fitness in 10 Minutes a Day.

The proven process that I guide you through consists of innercises and exercises. This means you gain practical skills that boost your confidence and competence in managing your money. At the same time, we’ll uncover and heal any unhealthy beliefs that you learned growing up or as the result of financial trauma.

It can be difficult to ask for help with your finances. Most people don’t know about the growing field of money coaches/counselors that fill the gap between financial planners, CPAs and therapists. You may feel like, “Everyone else knows how to manage their money. There must be something wrong with me.”

The reality is, most people have issues with money to some degree. And we are not taught this stuff in school. So don’t beat yourself up for not knowing what to do with your money. But do take action if you feel you could benefit.

There is a lot of buzz going on around Financial Literacy these days. While it’s important to understand the language of money and finance, these programs usually ignore the emotional aspects—the hidden parts—of money. It’s like telling you about the tip of the iceberg and not about the REAL obstacle beneath the surface. I’ve been financially literate for years, but I didn’t become financially stable until I looked at what was under the surface.

That’s all changed now. I’ve realized that focusing on your money is a path to self-care and self-knowledge. How you truly feel about yourself shows up in how you spend (and save) your money. Money is a mirror of your life—it’s your inner self externalized. And when you feel good about yourself, all of your relationships are healthier and you make better choices.

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