Why Saving Money Can Save Your Relationship

Why Saving Money Can Save Your Relationship
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Susan was able to leave her stressful job that was harming her relationship because she had savings.

My good friend Susan met her soul mate this spring--at work. David is the floor manager at the restaurant where they are both waiting tables during the busy tourist season in Newport, RI.

Having worked in restaurants part-time on and off for twenty-five years, Susan thought it would be easy to just "suck it up" for a few months and work her butt off while enjoying the cash flow.

Their budding relationship was a "perk" that made the long and physically, not to mention emotionally, draining work easier to bear. At least for the first couple of months.

As exhaustion set in amongst the entire staff and nerves were worn thin, the disfunctionality of the restaurant was starting to impact their new relationship.

Susan and David went from having sex every day to maybe once a week; NOT normal for tow people with strong libidos in the early stages of love. They would get home from work at 2am in a cloud of negativity (not caused by the other) that hung over their bed.

As David's Irish temper began to flare when rude and disrespectful co-workers--and even customers--verbally attacked him, Susan began to wonder what drew her to him in the first place. Where was the kind, respectful, patient, mild-mannered man she fell in love with?

David knew he would be better off emotionally if he quit his job, but he was afraid of how that would impact Susan. His expenses were low; Susan's were reasonable, but still five times his.

While Susan is used to supporting herself financially, she is also trying to build a new business as she transitions her career. She encouraged David to hang in there until the end of the season. Then she revised it to the end of September; then "just make it through Labor Day."

Ultimately, it was Susan who reached her breaking point first but not until she'd talked David back from the edge at least three times.

Susan had been working with a money coach (www.EmbracingMoney.com) who encouraged her to save 30-40% of her tips each month. Susan had followed her advice, so she knew that she had enough money in her Sanity Savings account to ride out the storm of finding other work while she continued to grow her new business.

Susan’s recent experience has given her a new appreciation around saving money. She no longer sees it as difficult or unpleasant (as she did before working with her money coach). Susan now views saving money as the only real path to financial freedom. And she no longer has to tolerate an unbearable situation or be a slave to her employer.

David and Susan decided to celebrate her newfound freedom by spending the weekend in bed, getting reacquainted.