A Trial Run Before Marriage Can Weaken Your Bond

Relationship Advice For Cohabitation

Cohabiting before marriage could lead to divorce.

It is the sense of being bound to each other that provides stabilization in marriage to the right person. The couple who is firmly committed to marriage has a much greater chance of a genuine, lasting relationship than the couple who regards their living arrangement as a trial period subject to termination. Marriage makes you try harder and expose your vulnerabilities to each other. Your spouse holds you accountable for your words and actions. You have someone who will be truthful with you. Together, you can experience real freedom. You can face challenges and accomplish life’s tasks according to each person's strengths.

Marriage is not simply a piece of paper; it is a public declaration that changes the way you think about yourself. While the stigma of living together has been reduced, that does not mean it is the correct choice morally, emotionally or spiritually. Every person who desires a loving, connected, lasting marriage can achieve that goal by preparing for and raising their expectations for lasting love and commitment.

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