3 Tips To Writing A Date-Grabbing Online Profile


Make your profile stand out with these 3 tips!

The rule about not being able to make a second first impression definitely applies to writing an online profile. Many people do not take much time and put forth very little effort into composing a meaningful description of themselves and the type of person they'd like to date.

Getting the most out of your online dating membership requires placing current, attractive photos, which means no pictures taking from your phone by yourself, no photos of you with a former flame, and no multiple drinking or partying pictures. If you are serious about attracting people you would consider dating and who have long-term potential, it is important to get the basics right from the beginning.

Here is an example of an actual profile which can be enhanced with a little effort: "I am super outgoing and I love meeting new people, I never meet a stranger! I enjoy being outside as opposed to inside. I am energetic, daring, fun loving, low maintenance, easy to get along with, and up for anything. Admittedly, I am a cheap date. I'd be just as happy on a picnic than at a fancy restaurant. Also, I do not like chick flicks, they're too easy to predict. I'd rather watch the "guy movies." Give me action and comedy over romance! Anything else, just ask me! I'd be happy to share!"

This is an okay profile — not offensive by any means — but very superficial in nature and ho-hum. You do not get a vivid glimpse of her amazing personality and passion for life.

1. Be Descriptive. Instead of listing something as broad as liking outdoor activities, describe some of your favorites and why you enjoy them. This person went sky diving on her birthday and had a fantastic experience. She wanted to conquer her fear of heights and did so after this adventure. Telling the backstory of an interest gives insight to your personality and makes your profile come alive. Keep Reading ...

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