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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Say "I Love You" To Your Ex

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Say "I Love You" To Your Ex

2. Eventually, the physical sparks will fly.

Sleeping with an ex happens more often than you think when you maintain contact. Your mind knows better, but your heart says, “One more time.” Once that door opens, the frequency picks up instead of diminishing. Because there are times that being single is isolating, discouraging and kicks your confidence, it's easier to turn to your ex to fill a void that cannot be achieved physically.

Having an ex-boyfriend in your present keeps you from working through the challenges you faced while you were together. The past will be a comparison test for future possibilities instead of the barometer for what you do not want to repeat. As I have coached accomplished women who reach their mid 30's and early 40's without marrying, the central theme is a sense of panic that time is running out. Keeping an ex-boyfriend around eats away at valuable time you could use in a very constructive manner by preparing for the right relationship.

If you are ready to find the right man, there is a process to attracting an emotionally healthy, loving relationship that will lead to commitment and lasting love.

The shock and finality of ending a relationship completely by stopping all communication seems so final. Many times it is just that longing for more closure that, of course will never be satisfying enough. The sudden void of the emotional connection right after a break up leads many women to forge these ex friendships just to stay in his life. The sad truth is the length of the emotional pain is increased because eventually he will meet someone new and leave you again.

You can begin now and leave the past where it needs to stay. I have helped individuals all over the world achieve the goals and dreams they have in love. If you are fed up with the status quo of your love life, let’s talk about the proactive steps you can take towards those dreams.

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