Fastest Route to Irresistible You: From Kitchen to the Bedroom?

Do the French know something we don’t? They equate food with love. Maybe we should take a cue.

Irresistible You in the Bedroom may start with Irresistible You in the Kitchen. Maybe we should take a hint from the French. No other culture on the planet puts sex and food together in the same sentence, let alone the same room.

What makes you irresistible?  Je ne sais quoi: the French phrase that translates as “I just don’t know how to describe it,” is about the closest expression you’ll find -- just about anywhere – for capturing the essence of this elusive state.

It’s indefinable. That certain something you just can’t put your finger on. Totally subjective, totally a function of how you feel. There’s certainly no question about it. We humans are complex animals…especially us women. And especially when it comes to how we feel.

Just like their language, the French are also well known for their subtle savvy in the bedroom. Just the sound of their words, the way they roll off the tongue, is juicy, succulent, seductive ---whether you understand the language, or not.

Food and Love. The French are unparalleled in equating food with sexy love. After all, where do you think the word “aphrodisiac” comes from? They must know something we don’t…

Aphrodisiacs.  Some foods in the aphrodisiac category are psychoactive and actually have a significant chemical effect on your mood or behavior. Classics examples are oysters and truffles. But even common foods like asparagus, avocado, arugula, basil and radishes can affect your neurochemicals to supercharge your mood.

Other foods arouse because they are psychologically suggestive (like bananas?). And some foods actually increase blood flow to your sensitive parts, including your vagina.

Liquor quicker?   Champagne, wine, beer, and other alcoholics are usually the first edibles we think of as the fastest route to get us from kitchen to bedroom. And it’s a fact that alcohol helps us relax; stop thinking about ourselves, or much of anything else for that matter. It turns off our conscious inhibitions.

So, is alcohol really the infallible aphrodisiac? A little, maybe. But this social lubricant’s actually a depressant, so the reality is more like it fans the desire, but douses the delivery. A glass or two might make you feel provocative, but much more and he’s not likely to be able to do anything about it. A lot more and he probably won’t even be interested.

Okay, are You feeling Irresistible? Maybe you should try savoring or smelling some thing delectable. Why? Aromas alone can be as provocative as the foods themselves.

How you appear on the outside – even to yourself -- is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. Yet, that self-perception, your feelings, even the way smells affect you, is the result of a complex of elements. And a lot of them are chemical.

From hormones to neurotransmitters, your body’s currency is nutrients. The foods, specifically the nutrients and especially the minerals you consume, really do impact how the body functions overall. Including the way you’re feeling.

These include the Macro-nutrients, like fat, protein and carbohydrates, for balanced energy, performance, and regulation. But just as important are the Micro-nutrients, the very small but critical vitamins and minerals, especially the trace minerals, that give your body the raw ingredients it needs to manufacture, produce and transform all those enzymes, hormones, neurochemicals that literally create your thoughts and feelings. To say nothing about the myriad of other body functions, from your heart to your teardrops.

What about Carbs?   Ahem. Did you note, carbs were at the end of Macro-nutrients list above? Quality beats quantity. Spell that vegetables over bread, cookies and pasta. Or even starchy beans and peas.

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