13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S***

13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S*** [EXPERT]

Do your man's unhealthy eating habits affect your relationship? If so, help is on the way.

4. Sugary + salty snacks = no-no. Try to get him to avoid bar snacks and other processed snack foods, especially the ones that are both high sugar AND high salt together. Explain to him that these stimulate thirst and appetite and confuse the body's taste buds, overstimulating eating and drinking responses. Remember, they serve them in bars so you will drink more. 

5. Let him into the kitchen. We have activities a couple of nights a week, so I always try to schedule sit down dinners at least three nights a week at home, when I can have more control over providing healthier options. But he loves to cook Sunday morning breakfast, so we do have waffles. with butter and real maple syrup though, not that maply extract, high fructose corn syrup fake stuff. It gives him something to look forward to enjoying and makes him more of an equal partner in our food scene. I just try to make sure we get some hearty exercise later in the day.

6. You can only do what you can do. If you set a good example yourself and support him by making the healthiest food options available in your house, then eventually, it's going to rub off on him. Especially if he starts getting frustrated by not being able to bend over to tie his shoe laces or starts experiencing more health problems. It's been that with us and now he appreciates me more because he knows I do care about him and his health but don't nag him about it.

Bottom line though, is you can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink. The guy is a grown man; he has to be responsible for his own eating choices and their consequences.