13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S***

13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S*** [EXPERT]

Do your man's unhealthy eating habits affect your relationship? If so, help is on the way.

7. The more you eat, the more you want. Superceding or going against the body's natural "hunger and full" signals really confuses the body and literally sets up biochemical pathways that create "constant craving." What you put your energy into, whether thought or action, creates more of the same. So, in effect, the more you eat, the more you want of anything, healthy or not. Try to eat ONE potato chip. Making conscious choices based on listening to what the body really wants and needs, rather than just automatically giving into to those cravings, is critical to repatterning these circuits.

So, what can we do about it? Here are more practical suggestions supplementing the ones I shared in the "Eat to Live" article that have helped me and my man get closer around the same food table and him into healthier lifestyle habits.  

1. You can't change him, only yourself. I still have to work to remember this but I do my best to be a good example and support him in eating better by shopping for and stocking healthier, real, whole foods instead of processed, high glycemic, sugary, starchy foods. Even though I'm thin and can burn it off, I don't buy or keep junk food, even hidden, around the house. Ironically, it's also kept me on my toes with optimizing my own diet and health.

2. Real food, real fresh. Having our own organic vegetable garden in the summer and herbs in pots on the patio encourages healthier eating so that he experiences for himself how much better he feels when he consumes more nutritious foods. Likewise, he's learned how his cravings lessen when he avoids the high sugar rollercoaster and keeps his blood sugar stable. We even get more exercise by gardening instead of playing computer games.

3. Being a sneaky cook is also part of my strategy. I emphasize taste without calories by using a variety of fresh and dry herbs and spices in my cooking. Roasting vegetables and searing meats until caramelized develops the satisfying natural sweetness and seals in the juices. Plus, using more herbs and spices adds interesting flavor and variety without calories or carbs, entertaining and distracting the body's taste buds without destabilizing blood sugar. Find more recipes and ideas in my cookbook, Truly Cultured www.TrulyCultured.com