13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S***

13 Tips For Women Whose Husbands Eat Like S*** [EXPERT]

Do your man's unhealthy eating habits affect your relationship? If so, help is on the way.

"His cheating in our relationship isn't with another woman; it's with Rocky Road Chocolate Fudge Ripple! What can I do? It seems like he's digging his grave with a spoon?"

This recent plea comes from a client who's concerned, not only about the disconnect in their eating habits, but about the fact that his unhealthy eating is actually putting his life at risk. "We aren't even married yet and I'm starting to feel like a widow," she moans.

"While I almost always choose salad and fresh vegetables, he doesn't really like "green things." He even tries to disarm me, holding up a lime gummy bear and smiling, 'See, I do like green stuff.' He thinks jelly donuts are part of the fruit group. We're doing great otherwise but his eating habits are atrocious."

As you can read in Help! I Eat to Live, He Lives to Eat, I have a similar situation with my own man. We are so different in our attitudes and approach to eating; I literally thought I was going to go crazy over it!  It's tough when most everything in the relationship is doing fine, except at the dinner table.

So, here's a more in depth look at seven very fundamental things I've learned through my own painful, personal and professional experience that have helped me to understand and deal with this frustrating scenario in my own life.

1. Everyone is unique. Our metabolisms are different. Mine's like a race car, his is a diesel engine. Unlike me, he can go a long time without eating, though usually doesn't. But he gets irritable when he's hungry. That makes too convenient an excuse for him to stop by the local fast food drive-in on his way home. I really do try to make sure we both keep our blood sugar up and steady with healthy proteins, not carbs..

2. Everyone responds uniquely to different stimuli. Stress is a great example. My appetite shuts down, he eats. On top of physical metabolism, our choices over time set up hormonal patterns that literally recreate cravings or habitual responses. Other factors, such as blood type, also operate here. People with 'A' blood type, for example, tend to secrete more cortisol under stress, leading to spare tire belly fat.

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