Help! I Eat To Live & He Lives To Eat

Help! I Eat To Live & He Lives To Eat [EXPERT]

10 tips for couples with seemingly incompatible eating habits.

8. Send him off with his own snack pack. Give him an emergency bag of homemade trail mix with raw sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, dried coconut and smaller amounts of dried fruit to keep him from getting hungry and keep his blood sugar up so he just sails past Mickey D's. 

9. Save rich treats for special occasions. I do serve occasional "copy cat" desserts, lightly sweetened with  maple syrup, dried fruit, fruit-only preserves or honey for holidays or on the weekends.

10. Optimize the meal options. We do eat out, but mostly on weekends. So, I naturally try to steer the choices to healthier options: Chinese versus Italian, for example. Salad bar steakhouse over burger joint or pub and for dessert, I usually lobby with "oh look, honey, fresh berry pie," or say, "oh, let's not do dessert here. How about we get some at home ... ?"

One related suggestion that often works for me, is when he wants something sweet, wave your you-know-what in his face and say, "Here, baby. Eat This!" I'm Concerned About My Wife's Eating Habits

I can do my best to support him in his health with an abundance of good foods, fewer sugar and calorie bombs, be there to support him emotionally and spiritually and offer him alternatives, including myself, as a treat. But, after all is said and done, we are both adults. He is a grown man, he is his own person and he has to take responsibility for his own health.

Dealing with this food compatibility issue between us has actually made me more aware. It's assisted me to more honestly, whole-heartedly embrace and accept all of him, including the parts I'd prefer he'd change. After all, that's what I crave from him, his total love and acceptance of me, just as I am.