Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror

Don’t like what you’re seeing? You can shift this quickly with a little open-hearted "Re-view"..


* Ready to try? Test the waters, take the plunge and then SHIFT Into Gear. WE CAN Do It!

* Still Spinning Your Wheels?  Try the Shift into RECIRCLING For REAL.

Reusing, Revisiting, Reviewing,
Returning to what’s REAL
and Remembering Who We Are.

Try the Three (Four) A’s:
Try these A’s, acronyms for the simple process of moving through difficult obstacles, pains, boulders in the path that keep us confused, confounded, slipping and spinning, instead of getting real traction, like when we're “Recircling for Real”.

* Acknowledge and become Aware *
* Accept and Own *
* Allow and then Appreciate *

Prerequisite: Get Real, Get into Now, Get Honest. Get Closer, Get Clear.
1. ACKNOWLEDGE, Become AWARE of what’s at the root of your pain by following it back to its origin, looking for the seed gem or pearl.
2. ACCEPT what is. Accept the things you can’t change, change the things you can.
3. ALLOW yourself to be okay with this and OWN it. ALLOW others to do what they will. This gets us ¾’s of the way through it. Close the circle when you can:
4. APPRECIATE why it was there, bless it, release it, and then enjoy the Re-View, the New View. And then let your new awareness Re-New Yourself.

* Be a “Present” to Yourself. Get into the Now.
While our old stuck story is usually rooted in the past, there really is only NOW. And that’s literally the only place where we can make changes for ourselves. When we consciously interrupt the old pathways, we become aware, break the cycle and give ourselves a reset.

* You can reset your parasympathetic nervous system, experience being more calm and balanced with this simple breathing exercise every morning before you kick yourself into overdrive with that first cup o’ java:

Sit up with feet flat on the floor. Breathe in for 7 counts. Hold for 7 counts. Breathe out for 7 counts. Hold for 7 counts before you start the cycle again. Do this for 7 times. See how much calmer, more grounded you feel right away.

* What You See IS What you Get.
Whatever you focus on, or put your energy into, you get more of. This is just the way things work. And it works whether we’re talking about food or fatitude. The more you eat, the more you want, for instance. Salt or sugar, junk food or healthy food. Negative thoughts or empowering ones.

* Don’t think so? Try eating just one potato chip or drinking a can of soda. Both are examples of what many of us food pros call “addictive food technology.” Researchers at the University of Georgia demonstrated that the “corn sugar” or high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten carbonated beverages tends to set up a “forward feeding” response, stimulating the hormone that signals hunger and suppressing the hormone that tells you you’ve eaten.

* FAT isn’t a four letter word, CARB is.
Fat doesn’t make you fat, Carbs do. It’s all those high glycemic starchy, sugary carbohydrates like cake, bread, pastas, snacks and sodas that create those roller coaster blood sugar levels. This wears down the pancreas and stresses the adrenal glands to produce that cortisol-induced, rubber tire belly fat. I've discussed this topic at length, including how critical your digestion is to your immunity and health in my Nourishment Guide and Cookbook, Truly Cultured.

* GMO’s. Arguments from the corn growers’ aside, there’s more than just one potential problem with high fructose corn syrup. Currently an average of 85% of the commercial corn and soybeans in this country are genetically modified, often signified by GMO, for containing or using Genetically Modified Organisms. If you want to learn more about this subject, find associate Jeffery Smith’s intensive investigation of the subject of GMO’s in his latest book, Genetic Roulette.

These are just a few facets of all the mix of things going on in our Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul existence.

But the bottomline still remains: Focus on what you WANT, not on what you don’t. If you want to be thinner, spend your time and energy re-envisioning yourself as you’d like to be, instead of hating and beating yourself up for how you look now.

* Stimulate good vibrations, new hormones and a new view on your world
by giving yourself a break, a little empathy and compassion. Yes, you heard that right. Give yourself some empathy, like you’d extend a heart or hand to a close friend. Change it up, interrupt your old momentum.

* Love yourself for all the learning and good stuff you are doing.
Try rewarding yourself with something other than food, like a hot bath, a movie or a walk in the woods. Appreciate what you do have going for you. The fastest way to get feeling better about yourself is to be grateful for what you have.

* And, incidentally, Gratitude beats Fatitude!
Try repeating this simple phrase from the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’Oponopono.
It works! Google Dr. Hew Len and hear the story of how this Hawaiian physician, working only with himself using this prayer and the medical records of criminally-insane mental patients, produced miraculous results. He never even saw or talked with any of these patients, yet, every one of them was healed and released.

                       * I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. *


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