Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror

Don’t like what you’re seeing? You can shift this quickly with a little open-hearted "Re-view"..

the messenger. That’s OK. YES! It’s OKAY! It’s okay to have and experience uncomfortable feelings. It’s the judging them or the stuffing them that usually hangs us up. It’s your choice, but if you can hang in here, and just BE with your discomfort right now, not resist it, until you can get the message it’s trying to send, it might help open a whole new window, new insights on your stuckness. Maybe even stop the spinning wheels. You might literally save yourself from getting locked into and buried under another loop of denial and disconnect.

* What’s the Payoff?
So, say you stretch and go out of your comfort zone and start trying to follow the discomfort to see what kind of buried treasure you can find. And say you don’t have much luck. It still persists. Could it be that somewhere in there you’re getting a big payoff for holding onto it. “WHAT? Are f----ng NUTS? Why would I do that?” some voice is saying. More of the cover up of the buried treasure?. Get Real. Ask yourself, What’s the payoff for me here? An excuse for a pity party?. A way to get others to feel sorry for me?  Waiting for someone to rescue me?  Not feeling worthy?  Just plain stubborn refusal?  Just be honest with yourself.

* Moving from Avoidance to Allowance: Re-View It.
Bottomline: The shortest way around it is through it. If we can back up and see pain from a larger angle, a bigger lens, find the pearl in the pain, it’s not as difficult to face and embrace. It doesn’t hurt as much. It’s often the fear of pain, the anticipation and/or  the resistance to it that really amplifies it. Remember, pain is congestion.

* So, if you can be less afraid, attached, resistant to your own pain, able to flow with it, not take it so personally, and hang with it long enough to stop, listen, penetrate and get the message it’s screaming to communicate, it’s much easier to move through it so it can be transmuted back to source. Honestly, as unappealing as this sounds, as much as even I, as a counselor, have resisted going there, in all of my personal and professional experience, I have never found one other single way that works for permanently relieving pain other than facing and embracing and moving through it..

* Refusing to face and embrace what’s bugging us only prolongs the turmoil.
It simply doesn’t go away by itself. Don’t know too many people, even professional experts, who are willing to call this one for what it is.

* Are You “Response-able”?
Making the commitment to get real and get down to the root of what’s eating us isn’t necessarily easy. Yet, it doesn’t have to be hard or insurmountable. It all depends upon our attitude about it. For example, if someone, (maybe even elsewhere in this article) says to you, “You need to be Responsible”, it could bring up some defensiveness and resistance. “What do you mean, I’m not responsible!?” etc.etc.  But if you spell it and view it another way, like this: “Response-ability”, the word takes on a whole other meaning and energy.

“Responsibility” quite simply is “the Ability to Respond.”  If you can see it in this way, and get yourself into a frame of mind to understand that you don’t have to do everything at once, you can take on and even accomplish what you want and need to do, with confidence and success, incrementally. Then whatever you have to do can be done. Not all at once, but gradually, incrementally, consistently, over time.

* Most of us can embrace a SHIFT INTO SMALL CHANGES CONSISTENTLY. Whether it’s changing eating or thinking patterns, how you deal with stress or even how you feel about your body, yourself, it is easier when you tackle it bit-by-bit, bite-by-bite.

* SHIFT happens.
This is a very special time on the planet. Things are shifting rapidly now on many levels,
not all of which we can see or perceive. But, take it from one who’s been seeing it happen more and more, just making a decision to start may be both our biggest challenge and our best “magic starter” for getting things going. If you can trust that this is so, just DECIDE on whatever you want and start taking tiny steps in the direction of your goal, you are in line for a boatload of assistance in the process, from universal and spiritual levels; just part of the flow, the nature of the very changes that are going on on the planet now, as we speak.

* I’ll Believe It When I See It.
Actually, "You’ll See It When You Believe It", according to this great book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Making a commitment to do anything puts a whole set of energetic and spiritual processes in motion. You may not be able to see or even know everything that’s happening now, but if you can just REMEMBER to SHIFT your thinking and actions, slowly and steadily, you will be creating a new momentum for yourself. And You WILL see the results manifesting in your life.  Promise.

* Slow and steady wins the race? 
Well, it's not really a race. You are Unique. There's nothing to compare. Everyone is on their own path, at their own pace. Comparison only complicates. But almost nothing's slow anymore. Now the pace has really accelerated. And we’re no longer alone. A lot of us are waking up to these changes and knowing that we are all helping each other.

* Expect Lightning Changes.
IT IS and DOES require a Leap of Faith. There's something here about being 100% committed that sets things in motion energetically. Until you do, ain't nothin happening. Once you do, watch how fast things go!  And Remember, none of us is alone. We’re all quite literally in this Together. As more of us shift into Loving --Ourselves, Others, Life -- the faster change happens.  It's a quantum