Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror

Don’t like what you’re seeing? You can shift this quickly with a little open-hearted "Re-view"..

* So, You Don’t Like What You’re Seeing?   What glasses or frames are you looking through?  Body Image really is a function of our “frames” or glasses, our eyes, those filters or windows on our world that we create from all the cultural, social, psychological, spiritual parts of our lives coloring our perceptions.

* Media and advertisers create arbitrary “standards” for what we women are supposed to look like, designed to make us feel disempowered, needing cosmetics and fashionable clothes to make us prettier, acceptable. Have we ever bought into this one, comparing and judging ourselves by what’s outside.

* Judging from where you stand…
The majority of us as women (some studies show up to 93%) have a negative body image. This is not just mental, it’s physio-chemical. We’re constantly creating and recreating our own reality, including our own bodies by the thoughts and emotions running through us. Our nervous systems are constantly secreting a lightning storm of chemicals in response to our thoughts and moods. So, your mind literally becomes your body. Watch the Movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” to learn more about this.

* The Biology of Belief and Molecules of Emotion Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert are two excellent books that can also help us understand the science underlying how we create our own reality.

* Did you know that all the cells in our body are replaced every seven years?
Then how come we still look the same or worse year after year?. It’s our beliefs, attitudes and expectations-- including our emotions, judgments --that continually shape who we are, including our body. Our body is a mirror, a reflection of what’s inside.

* Yet, You KNOW You’re NOT That Body..
Your Body is a Vehicle, your vehicle carrying you through life, in some ways just like your car. But you know you are NOT that body, just like you are not your thoughts. You use them, experience them, but that’s not WHO You really are. You KNOW you’re not just that body, and you’re certainly not just a CONsumer, either. (Except that most of us have allowed ourselves to be CONNED into “Buy, Buy, Buy”).

* What about Your Other Bodies? Other Bodies?
Yes, your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Body Image isn’t just physical, it’s a body, mind, heart, and soul issue. And it includes all the mix of perceptions, imagination, emotions and sensations that our own dynamic, personal family within us experiences on a daily basis.

* Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul Family
Shifting the segmented scientific/medical/technical worldview that everything is a bunch of separate, machine-like parts -- like our brain and skeleton, our mind and emotions -- some quantum scientists have now discovered elements that undermine everything we’ve been told about how we are work and how the world works, shares meta-physician Lynn McTaggart, in the documentary “I AM” by Bruce Almighty Director, Tom Shadyck. We are more interconnected with ourselves (and each other) at a more fundamental level than people realize or previously thought.

*  We all live in a giant quantum field.
We are, in fact, all connected, with very deep connections at a very deep level. This is the most profound discovery in all of physics. We are just at the point where technology and this narrative are beginning to come together. And it’s the same with our internal family members. Our mental body, emotional body, spirit/soul body are designed to be, supposed to be working together in harmony with our physical body. Ideally, that is. Yet most of us haven’t caught up with this new “unified field” view. To be whole again, we obviously have to “Re-member” Who We Are.

* Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
However, most of us aren’t really present with what is, either. We’re often oblivious, either operating from our memories or trying to live in the future, wishing things could be different. We write our own stories, based on our past experiences. We form conclusions, beliefs that become like the rebar/frame of the house/vehicle we live in. We build our plot, filling in the story line with the experiences we conjure up and manifest in our lives from our beliefs. This is the Law of Attraction in action.

* Are You Driving with Your REAR VIEW Mirror?  Repeatedly we reinforce our cells with the same negative emotions that keep pounding our nervous system, upsetting and unbalancing our neurotransmitters, keeping us distracted and disconnected from ourselves. It’s like we’re on automatic pilot, letting the body run us; evidenced by those constant cravings for sweets and starches and/or obsessions about our weight and appearance.

* Our cells actually crave or call up neuro-chemicals that match our emotions. In our day-to-day lives, we attract the situations that will fulfill the biochemical cravings of our cells, the tiniest units of consciousness. This literally sets up and perpetuates spinning our wheels. It’s like driving backwards. The wheels keep spinning and the cycles keep repeating, over and over again, unless we take our foot off the gas.

* Who’s Driving this Bus? Who’s in Control?
Energy follows thought. Thought creates emotion. Emotion really is energy in motion. So, are your thoughts and emotions driving, running YOU? Or are You in charge? (You are, BTW, even if it doesn’t seem like it ) Cravings and compulsions are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually influenced, but in this frenzied, stressful world, they get locked into the physical by a relentless, fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system overdrive.

* We’re so caught up in this, we don’t even realize it most of the time. We can’t relax, we just keep busy running. And when we’re in this addictive, driven state, we’re also ironically desensitized. We’re NOT feeling. We’re not integrated. In fact, “fat” isn’t a feeling, it’s NOT feeling.

* Who's Doing the Talking?
When you’re glaring at yourself in the mirror, yelling at yourself for being such a (whatever), ask yourself, who’s doing the talking