BIG + Major Announcement From Najaam Lee


Hello Everyone, I am so very excited and very grateful for this amazing opportunity, and I want to

Najaam here,


I am very thrilled to share with you about a major addition taking place...

We are adding a new location for Vedic Image Group, and that new location is BOSTON, MA.. 


We are expanding our doors to now include Boston, Ma. So now New York and Boston is on the Vedic Image Group map. We are offering the same amazing services with some special additions just for lucky Boston ( the luck of the green..hint I do have a bit of irish in me :)

We are Booking Appointments now for the whole Boston area and beyond, also booking for New York area too. Please visit http://www.vedicimage.com for more information. Also to learn more about me, click my photo above. 

I am so excited to reach more people and make them look and feel GOOD through makeup, fashion styling, and Image Development, plus personal shopping; image consulting and lifestyle coaching, plus so much more!! 

Please share this news. You have permission to repost on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Oh! Before I forget, ask about our Crystal-Ray Readings session, know what's important for you to know, and begin understanding you path direction now.

Sending you loads of light,

Najaam Lee