5 Sneaky Ways To Let Him Know What To Get You For The Holidays


You want that purse or fur coat? Here's how to get the gifts you want without saying a word.

Although the holidays start out with honoring gratitude, within 24 hours most people are all about the shopping. Okay, okay, so it's important to focus on the significance of holidays or holy days, but it is also customary to show our love and appreciation for others, by making them/gifting them with special and unique gifts, on these special days. We honor that tradition, too.

But, if you are in a relationship and uncertain how you can let your honey know what you really want, then there are some great options for you. Remember, most people who truly care for each other are very fond of giving and seeing the smile and joy their loved one experiences when opening the gift, so why deny them that?

Here are the best hints ever:

  1. Create a vision board on Thanksgiving of everything you wish to achieve in your life over 2015.
  2. Cut out pictures of your favorite items on sale and tape to your bathroom mirror with a "Note to Self—Best Sales to Hit on Black Friday."
  3. Lay out things to donate that you no longer use and put in a box labeled "Items I Need to Replace—Donating."
  4. Tell them your phone or browser is not working well, and ask to use their phone or computer to pull up your favorite items. Then, leave the browser windows open.
  5. Write a text or email to a friend telling them about great sales and where you hope to shop for them, but "accidentally" send it to your boo.