Communication problems in a relationship


When couples argue rather than discussing issues in their relationship things don't always go well.


It is inveitable that couples argue. Some argue rather than communicate in any other way. These often leads to a break down of the relationship, which could have been avoided.

With simply using a few steps of my relationship programme this couple could have avoided this situation, opened up to each other where their love would find a space to grow, and they would be happier and content with their lives. In the video the couple argue before realising their love for each other manifests into commitment.

In the video for his new song "Stay" Tyrese Gibson portrays a professional man in a relationship with a beautiful woman, and overhears her on the telephone complainig about him behind his back. They argue, often , but eventually it gets them to a place of happiness.

Take this opportunity to review the video and learn the lesson of how NOT to communicate with your partner. (used with artists permission. (c) (Voltron Records 2011 )

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