Can The Honeymoon Last Forever? Why Would You Want It To?

married couple cuddling

Who says love in a long-time marriage can't be even better?

Can we just sit, sip a glass of wine and have a real conversation about the boldfaced lie that Hollywood tells us marriage should be like? We are spoon fed this ideal that marriage should be constantly filled with romance and passion. The man should always be the strong one and the woman should always be swooning in his presence.

When I was married, I wholeheartedly believed that the love would never wane and the passion would always be on fire. Then, children came along and so did the exhaustion and the crushing reality of little money and even less time. The thought of scrambling to have a quickie in the laundry room was more than I could face. I would bet my bankroll that many moms feel that way as well.

While I don't believe the honeymoon will last forever, I do believe that the intimacy should be hotter and deeper over time. What is better than a husband that knows every inch of your body? What turns you on and what makes you crave more of his touch? There are many things couples can do to ensure the passion lasts forever, starting with recognizing and navigating the reality that the honeymoon does not last forever.