7 Explanations Parents Owe To NO ONE


7. Co Sleeping vs. Solo Sleeping: With a show of hands, who loves being exhausted? Who loves feeling like they are walking in quicksand? Who loves to be short tempered, impatient and frustrated? Nobody? See, that's what an exhausted parent can be. Both co sleeping and solo sleeping parents swear by their decision. Both are confident that they are getting a great night's sleep, even if they are up every 2 hours with a newborn for midnight feedings. The most important thing to focus on is being a parent that is fully able to be present in your life and your children's lives. The goal is to be a happy, healthy, peaceful parent who is ready to enjoy life with your kids and ready to face the challenges of parenting. Whether you choose to co sleep or not, what is most important is that you to feel capable and ready to be the parent you want to be. Frankly, the only people who should be concerned about who sleeps in your bed, are the people who ARE sleeping in your bed.

Full Disclosure: I did not co sleep with my first; I co slept with my second and third. 

I want every parent to know that they are doing the very best they can with what they have and as Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, you do better." As you learn and evolve as a parent, you give your children so much more. Don't allow someone's demand for an explanation to change your parenting.

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