4 Simple Steps For Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

4 Simple Steps For Turning Your Dreams Into Reality [EXPERT]

In honor of World Wish Day, follow these four simple steps.

Not only did I have to consider the pay differences for my region, but also the likelihood of employment in the new career field, the flexibility of the field and the chance of possible advancement in the future, as well as many career opportunities for someone holding an undergraduate and graduate English degree, other than teaching. From there, I decided that because English and writing was such a diverse field, I began to search the curriculum requirements to see if any of my former education requirements would fit the new requirements of my new field.

For most people, when switching from one major to the next, the classes will not always match up beyond the general education prerequisites all college students are required to take. In that case, you could have a few years stretch ahead of you. Still, with online universities — colleges that operate on a one night a week schedule — and other non-traditional technical colleges, community colleges and universities, a career change isn't as difficult as it once was. Life Coach: Can A Woman Be Both Powerful And Feminine?

3. Plan. Whether it's financial, educational or otherwise, planning can carry you far. Before you make any moves, careful planning needs to take place. If you've completed step two of this process, then moving forward should not be that difficult. Brad & Angelina Broke The Rules & So Did I

For instance, if your wishes involve a life-changing career shift, find a network of support, such as family and friends. Let them know that you're serious by having your research mapped out before telling them of your plans. From there, garner their support and determine how you all can work with one another to ensure that you accomplish your new goals.

Without support, making a life change can be extremely difficult ... especially if it involves quitting your job to return to school. Plans have to be put in place to allow for the shift in income, as completing school will become a priority. While one spouse goes to school, the other spouse will have to pick up the pace financially to cover the lack of employment or underemployment by you or your spouse.

If your wish was related to travel, then finances have to be considered. With research, careful consideration of your current bills, savings, and so forth, you can determine how long it will take for your travel plans to become a reality. For some, a year or two of extreme savings may work. For others, it may take a bit longer to save up the tens of thousands it may take to travel around the world.

Consider hostels in place of hotel stays, which can help you save a wad of cash. Also, technology is your friend and should be included in your travel plans, along with spare batteries, spare change and extra clothes. For longer trips, travel experts recommend clothes you can easily part with, as washerettes may not be available everywhere you travel. 10 Sexiest Cities In America (Guess Which State Has 8 Of Them!)