It All Happened On A Monday


Wander with me through an experience-full Monday of variety, stimulation and accomplishment.

Buckle your seat belt and get ready for a ride. When you’ve had a rich, full day, do you paint your day’s picture the same as I do? I’m aware of sadness when I notice myself judging what’s happening instead of going with the day’s flow. What do you feel? Come wander through my day with me, like a visiting out-of-town relative. I’d like the company.

How could I ever feel I'm not being productive enough! I was thinking over my day and it had the wonderful variety and stimulation and sense of accomplishment I so love. It started out with a bowl of oatmeal in my sunny back yard. While I was there, I pulled morning glories and put them in the yard waste can, and then picked small pieces of trash in the alley to dump in the garbage. I carried the container of empty bottles from the kitchen to recycling.

Since I work from my home office, I was on the computer before and after my two coaching clients before I realized I hadn't even brushed my hair. I added to my reading list a client's suggestion of a book of essays, Didion's Slouching Toward Bethlehem and
Sedaris' biography Naked. They are now on reserve at the library. I did a load of laundry, which had built up over the past couple weeks. So tonight I will sleep on fresh sheets, and when I went to gym I had a clean T-shirt. I'm wearing my purple-red-green-yellow shirt—the colors alone make me happy.

Sometimes I wonder what I get done in a day, so today I kept track of the details. Well, I called the library for the list of books and CDs due—many had been renewed already once. I took a last listen to Scherezade, Horowitz Plays Mozart, Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Very Special Songs of the 70's before I trekked them back to the West Seattle library. Fulghum's Uh-Oh was one of the books due, and I took notes on some of his themes—I know just reading "Cinderella with a part for Norman the barking pig" or "hiccuping at the wedding" or "renting a storage unit to read the paper & drink a beer" will bring me back the flavor of those delightful essays.

I emailed my friend Michael in Vancouver that I would be there for the International Coaching Conference in October and asked if he knew an inexpensive place to stay, including his couch. He replied that if his girl friend weren't there it might work and gave me the number of a nearby hostel.

I emailed Rose, my web designer/friend, and said "Yes, do send the local article on coaching, and see if the newspaper would let me link the article to my web site. Would you add my list of writing and speaking topics to my web site," and "Good for you for taking Sunday just for you."

I saved the medical and health-related links that Jeremy had forwarded to me, and drank my green tea with mint leaves from my yard. Also munched on half a grapefruit as a snack. Following up on my friend Linda's information on a new travel website, I emailed them my interest in writing for it. I sent the list of 102 articles I've written for Active Singles Life the past nine years, including "A Traveler's Observations on How Life Works" and "Traveling: How to Stay Friends Before and After the Trip." I returned a voice mail to Voice Dialogue facilitator and friend Catherine. Then I responded to a potential client's email question about the best way to do coaching with me—I recommended by phone rather than by email. I forwarded one of the funniest stories I've ever read, about a gerbil, to a friend.

I left a message for my housemate Shawn asking if I could enlist his aid on my balky printer, and for housemate Bruce regarding his chore of mowing the lawn. Shawn responded this evening that he'd check my printer when he knows his upcoming very full schedule. He ate the beet greens I'd offered him, asked about the basement smoke alarm, helped track down a space heater for his chilly basement room and told me there'd been footsteps outside his window at night several times. My bedroom is two stories above his, and I could turn on my closet light if Shawn called me when he heard
rustling outside his window, and/or he could phone 911. We may ask the police for further options.

Mid afternoon I took a bowl of salad we'd made last night out on the upper deck off my office. I sat on the 2" X 12' railing with my feet resting on the shingled roof, enjoying the view of Puget Sound and the neighborhood.

I checked my portfolio on AOL a few times, shaking my head each time at the apparent lack of logic behind which stocks were going up, which going down. I mailed a Visa payment and returned the second lesson from American Writers Institute on copywriting. I decided it wouldn't sustain my interest even if it could make me a lot
of money.

Friend Dorothy said our postponed trip to Canada's Yellow Point Lodge might be back on. I said fine, let me know. I transferred the appointments and speeches from my monthly planner to my daily log. I remembered I must reschedule my Friday  chiropractor appointment. because I'll be taking a two-day workshop for speakers. I called my contractor and friend, Brad, and told him about the drip in my tub that didn't stop even when I shut off the valve on the floor. I marked tomorrow at 11:30 to call to see when he can look at it. Waiting for the bus to the library, I was able to watch three people eating ice cream cones without developing a craving, because I'd just
finished a chocolate-almond candy bar, though I'd promised I'd wait till this article was finished. At the bus stop, I picked up a Bartell's flyer and noted a special on dental floss, passed over 2 for $1 Nile boxes of soup, realizing that all the cans in my cupboard needed no other company.

I got up to the library before 6:00 pm so I could get a free sample at the nearby Admiral Thriftway. Tonight's special was lamb with herbs de Provence. At the library I returned the 16 CDs and 2 books that were due and spent the next 90 minutes skimming Vermont Life and Travel and other magazines left by patrons to share. Rather
than taking home a dozen, I tore out pages of nature scenes, food layouts, farm scenes reminding me of my Iowa girlhood, and a stress assessment I will consider for my October stress management presentation at IBM. Good rationalizer that I am, I reasoned that my torn out page here and there was preferable to removing the entire
publication. Further justification: I only ripped it out if I was truly drawn to it, not just somewhat attracted. I did take the October 1999 issue of Skiing for my housemate Bruce and Traveler with an article on Ireland for me and on Chile for my friend Dee, who is going there in the next few months for a year with her boyfriend. I left the library with a few new CDs, including the soundtrack for The Tango Lesson, music from Ethiopia and Dublin Blues. I also picked out a video on Wales and Bateson's Mind and Nature, in preparation for the 10 week class in October.

I stopped at the house to tape Buena Vista Social Club and then walked to the gym, newly located a half block from my house. After 40 minutes of weight lifting, I watched the TV movie as well as switching to Oprah and to KCTS' Venice show as I counted out and filled containers for my daily vitamins. Oh boy, do I feel like Ms. Accomplishment when I can pack in that much pleasure along with a task done.

Last week I'd done a voice greeting for The Stranger personals; I did one for The Weekly today; my ad's headline: "Touch my soul and I'm yours!" I checked ad responses on yahoo personals, and sent off two replies.

Having seen an ad for $20 off on the Sonicare Sonic Toothbrush, I called Douglas to see if that was the one he recommended. It was. And by the way, he had a successful booth selling his wonderful marbles at the Puyallup Fair. It was now close to midnight. I'd sneaked a few feet into my closet several times for treats of raw pecans and chocolate-covered fruits. I knew it might make me shudder when I weighed the next time at gym, but I wasn't thinking thoughts of self-discipline, only of self-indulgence. Before I shut down the monitor, I clicked on to feed rice to a starving child, and to to plant a tree. Brushed my teeth and went to bed. It was a long, unstressed, productive and enjoyable day. I'm happy! Nice having you along with me!

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