Amazing & Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Gender neutral, for him & for her ideas that will WOW!

If your man is the kind of manly man who doesn’t really do heart-shaped boxes filled with bon-bons, he might appreciate Mo's Bacon Bars.  They are bars of dark and milk chocolate that contain pieces of bacon!  Hey, if you’re really nice he might share one with you!

For Him:  Frog prince paperweight

Chances are you had to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you found your prince.  Why not let him know how grateful you are to have finally found Mr. Right with this sterling silver paperweight.  It comes inside a box that has the words “you are my prince” written on it.  Awww!

For Him:  Home-cooked risotto

Risotto is native to Verona, Italy, which is the home of Romeo and Juliet.  When you the spend time making this tasty dish for the man you love on a Valentine's Day date, he may just want to die for you, Capulet-style!

Here’s a delicious recipe from for mushroom risotto that would be perfect with a garganega wine pairing.

For Him: An Art of Love kit

An Art of Love kit is by far the sexiest Valentine’s Day give you’ll ever get him.  It’s a kit that comes with a blank white canvas, nontoxic black paint and a plastic sheet to lie under the canvas so that you don’t splatter paint on the carpet when you and your man roll atop it, covered in paint, making art as you make love.  Get the idea?

Best part—you can have the canvas framed for him and hang your “love session” on the wall in his office.  That way he can think of you and your beautiful body while he works.  No one at the job will have a clue as to the inspiration behind the masterpiece.

For Her:  A loveseat for your bedroom

Giving bedsheets for Valentine’s Day is nothing new, but a loveseat built for two could be the perfect addition to your bedroom set.  Though it’s always wise to consult a woman on furniture before you buy it for her home, Ethan Allen makes a beautiful Neoclassic standard loveseat that pretty much goes in any style bedroom.  It’s romantic, it’s classy, it’s perfect!

If you are on more of a budget, you might want to consider Erin Cute-As-A-Button loveseat!  It’s has a Victorian-inspired silhouette with a hint of “whimsy” sown in.

For Her:  Fair Verona perfume by Strange Invisible

Romeo professed his love to Juliet, his fair sun who could kill the envious moon, from the street below her balcony in Verona, Italy.  What’s a more romantic way to tell your lady that she is your Juliet than to give her a bottle of this luxurious scent.  The composition is a sweet and charming blend of Jasmine, sandalwood, mimosa & pink grapefruit and will run you $150.00 (1.7 oz. of the Eau de Parfum.)

For Her: Crown Earring for a queen on Valentine's Day

Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, has written some of the most breath-taking and romantic modern poetry. His poem, The Queen, would be the perfect gift to give your queen. 

But wait! What does a queen deserve more than jewelry? These beautiful pearl crown earrings are the perfect odornments for your woman’s regal lopes, and would be a romantic complement to the poem.

If you have a few hundred dollars to spend, these yellow gold and diamond crown earrings by Avianne & Co. would make even the pickiest queens smile.

For Her:  An in-home massage experience

Though it’s thoughtful, buying her massage gift card doesn’t take that much effort on your part; however, giving her a massage yourself is a wonderful way to show that you have the time and are willing to make the effort to indulge your woman.

Turn the massage into an experience.  Light candles and have a rose petal pathway from the door to your bedroom.  Have a massage oil basket and a comfy robe lying on the bed before you start.  My favorite robe Nordstrom’s soft quitted pink robe.  It’s the perfect lounging attire for a Valentine’s Day princess who deserves some pampering.

For Her:  A commissioned portrait of your lady

It’s one thing to take a snap shot of a loved one, but in today’s technological world, a painted portrait is the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for a timeless beauty whose love offers you an Old-World romance.

David Darrow ( is a commissioned portrait artist who’s paintings are hauntingly beautiful. Giving your wife or loving girlfriend the opportunity to be a real muse is probably the best Valentine’s Day surprise she could imagine receiving.  It’s the perfect gift for an elegant, classy modern enchantress.

You can hang the painting on your side of the bed to show her that you honor her love even in slumber.