Secrets Of A Modern Enchantress

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How you can embody the essence of a goddess and enchant that special man to do anything for you.

Are you hurting because of a man?  Do you feel like so many women—bewildered by the male mind?  Do you wish you could slip inside the psyche of the modern man and find the key to undying love?

What is that thing, that essence, that vibe… that je ne sais quoi that makes a woman into an enchantress?!

A goddess who can effortlessly enchant men is independent.  She is also sensual, sensitive and radiant.  She glows with life force and isn’t afraid to dive head-first into the beauty of every day!

An enchantress values the importance of believing in and motivating her man!  She knows exactly how to make him see his own worth in her eyes.  She understands that his successes in life are her victories, and she stops at nothing to be his cheerleader, his confidante… his hero chatting anthems of inspiration in the wings.

Enchantresses know how to make men work hard to please them.  Men respect women who are very appreciative but not easily fooled.

A man loves a woman in proportion to how much time, energy and sweat he invests back into a relationship.  Enchantresses know how to put their “knights” to work… with a smile and a desire to please!

You too have an enchantress inside!  She’s there, lying dormant under years of frustration and confusion.  In my eBook, Red Rose Woman, I offer the secrets to becoming a modern enchantress and igniting flames of passion in a man’s heart. 

I give you the tools to walk the path of self-empowerment and to becoming the woman who knows how to keep her man happy, keeping her happy!

First, know that an enchantress doesn’t put up with “little boy” behavior.  She doesn’t feed the childish side of the male ego.  She knows better.  She knows that slaving to make a man’s life easier-- by doing things he should be doing for himself-- is counterproductive to the relationship. 

Your man secretly hopes you will put your foot down against fulfilling his little boy pleasures and amusements, and instead lift your proud, sexy chest up into the air!  Because what he really wants, what he NEEDS, is for you to compel him to evolve.  And how does he begin to evolve?   Through his behavior in the relationship!

Can you be an enchantress? Do you think you can persuade a man to do anything for you with having to do anything for him?  Without having to cater to him and give him more than he offers you in the relationship?

Starting now, YOU can feel like a queen-- worshiped as his goddess and empress!  

It all starts with your level of happiness.

He falls in love with you the more you fall in love with yourself!  He falls in love with you easily when you easily fall in love with life—not with him—but with LIFE! 

A happy life awaits you!  Embrace this moment!  Look around.  What do you see?  What is in your eye line right now that has the possibility to stir up blissful thoughts and warm feelings of gratitude?  A sleeping kitty, a great book, a file cabinet packed with accomplishments, a clean and inviting home?  See it all now, surrounding you, and appreciate it!

Don’t be afraid to be happy.  Don’t be afraid to feel any and everything, and to share all your feelings with him.  When you are feminine and vulnerable, you enchant him with your emotions and mystify him with your soul!

Don’t blame him; don’t try to control him and his behavior.  Instead, take your focus off him entirely and put it on your passion for living.  He will come round.  He will follow you, hypnotized by the unforgettable, haunting melody of your enchanting zest for doing YOU!

Check out my eBook Red Rose Woman and dip your heart, like a strawberry into melted chocolate, in confidence, sensuality, poetry and everyday decadence.  Attract him like a moth to a flame, instead of trying to wrap yourself into a pretzel, hoping he’ll acknowledge you.  You are a divine goddess, a daughter of the King.  You aren’t a morsel, so don't act like one.

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