Dating After Divorce: 10 Crucial Steps, Part 2


10 crucial steps to save you from a life of loneliness and regret....

In part I of Dating After Divorce (which I suggest you read first if you haven’t already), I introduced to to the first five crucial steps to protect you from loneliness & regret as you venture back into the single world. Today we are going to cover the last five steps, so let’s get to it. Oh and by the way, these steps are very helpful if you just been through a break up as well.

6. Change your vocabulary around your love life

If your past relationships have been plagued with heartbreak, pain, counseling, etc. I can almost guarantee you that how you describe your love life needs to be updated immediately. I challenge you to throw out all of you blah and boring descriptions of relationships. It’s time to replace your vocabulary with juicy upgrades. Be bold, a little naughty, cheeky, a lot naughty, sultry, sexy and sensual. I want you to know what it feels like to be giddy again with your love life. Knowing how much a man adores you feels much more delicious than knowing how much he likes you. I know many of you have been playing in a man’s world for a while, and have lost connection to the uniquely feminine creative vocabulary buried deep inside. So I am daring you to reconnect and I am going to give you a head start…



marriage=legendary love experience

boyfriend= my lover, my beau, my guy

good looking guy= hottie

relationship=love affaire

husband= my man

you= enchantress, seductress, siren, the woman he can’t stop thinking about

The options are endless, but the results are profoundly delightful.

7. The more good you find in men, the more good men you will find

I know, I know, it’s is soooo easy to get caught up in everything men do wrong. We all have exes that were as*holes. Some much much worse than others. But here’s the deal if you keep focusing on everything he did wrong, you are cutting off your attracting men mojo. Bitter and resentful are a huge turn off. What I need you to do is start to find the good in the men around you, even with your ex. (Now that doesn’t mean you have to instantly forgive everything he ever did) I am just asking you to write down a few good qualities about him. Then I want you to get started with the rest of the male population.

Specifically I want you to start seeing the qualities you find attractive in men. All men have something attractive about them, whether they are 18 or 80. (This is a very key point in how men will treat you) I want you to be a “what’s attractive about men detective.” This a very important door to open if you want to create adoration in your life. As you practice seeing the good in all men notice how they start reacting you. Men naturally are drawn to women who genuinely enjoy their company. This is key to having the man you want in your life. Great example: Mae West. Droves of men wanted to be with her, it was obvious how much she loved being around them.

8. Just because you have a degree in something doesn’t make you good at it

A couple of months ago I was out with some girlfriends having a drink. One of the ladies was talking about how much she didn’t like her husband. When I mentioned a few bits that might help her turn the situation around, she quickly spat back at me “I have a degree in sociology, I know what I am talking about.”

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