Dating After Divorce: 10 Crucial Steps, Part 1


5 crucial steps to save you from a life of loneliness and regret

4. Learn how to date

You think 45 to 50 percent divorce rate is bad? Try 60 to 67 percent* for a second marriage and 70 to 73 percent* divorce rate for a third marriage. Those numbers are INSANE. So I bet you are thinking why bother remarrying when such odds are stacked against you. I say hold up, wait a minute, there is an answer to this. Learning how to date is your answer. Why? Several reasons…

When you learn how to date you acquire the tools to inspire him to adore you over a lifetime.
You make better choices with men because you fully understand that you never have to settle to be loved and adored.
You learn what truly turns you on as a woman and have the opportunity to figure out if remarriage is what makes you happy.
You finally will understand what I know is true about you. You can create love in your life anytime you want. You are no longer subject to circumstance but very well versed in creating a legendary love experience.
You will know the clues to help you effectively weed men out of your life that shouldn’t be in it.
You will learn the appropriate boundaries that create the experiences you want in life.
Dating done right is better than any anti-aging cream you can buy;)
5. Don’t torture your girlfriends with your divorce or any break up for that matter

Yep going through a divorce will bring up every insecurity you have ever had in your life time. Depending on the circumstances of your divorce this can be excruciating. Your girlfriend having to live the experience with you over and over again is exhausting for your friendship. (I know, I fully admit I did this, and I am not proud to admit it)

I want you to remember you are in the driver’s seat even if it doesn’t feel like it, and you still get to make the decisions. Your first order of business is deciding that a divorce is not the end of your world. Next understand each fun opportunity you choose to engage in is you redefining your ultimate experiences in love. Even without a man in sight your choice to experience your grief and move on to happier pastures gives you the skill set to be adored by men. What doesn’t help is you rehashing the story over and over again with your bestie. She can only handle so much, no matter how much she loves you. So try this technique, let her know you are going to go on about the situation for 5 minutes, and then you two are going to do something fun together. Honor your word and you not only preserve your friendship but you also wire your brain to look for something better and so much more fun. 


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