Warning the new girlfriend


Should you reach out to the new victim or forever hold your peace?

It's kind of funny how life works out. At the beginning of 2011, a woman, Jayne, reached out to me to warn me about her ex boyfriend, Aiden *, who I just started seeing. She kept sending me messages on emails / Facebook about how he'd "never love my children" and vague mentions of horror stories about him.

Of course, Aiden told me she was crazy and to block her.

Fast forward to April 2013. I've split from Aiden in November 2012, he turned out to be a total nightmare and the main reason it didn't work was his relationship with my kids. Funny that.

So this week she contacted me out of the blue, and we've exchanged a few funny (and similar) horror stories and we are meeting for coffee on the weekend, and both looking forward to it. Somehow a cute new friendship has come out of this and I can't help but think "Why didn't I pay a little more attention to what she was saying then?!"

Why? Because we don't. We want to believe we've just met Mr Right. He's in the middle of charming our pants right off us. Surely it's all real!??

In a weird twist of fate this week, I discovered that a recent guy I dated since, cheated on me with a girl called Kim. I sent her a little Facebook message, pre-empting how I would have been painted by him (lol) and included this link urging her to at least just read that and do some research. 

I'm guessing I'll get the kettle on in about 3 months when she comes knocking. Ha.

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