The 7 Life Lessons Celebrity Breakups Teach Us

Love, Heartbreak

7 lessons celebs teach us about life.

The headlines are ablaze every day with a new celebrity couple calling it “quits.”

If you do not want to end up in the same situation, there are a few things you can learn by watching the mistakes made in the very public eye.

7 lessons we can take away from Hollywood mishaps:

  1. HIRING A HOT NANNY:  Ladies if you do not want your husband to run away with the nanny she better look like “Bette Midler” in “Hocus Pocus” not Christine Ouzonuian!
  2. SEX TAPES DO GET LEAKED: When you are planning on filing for divorce be sure to destroy all incriminating evidence before you file, not after…otherwise you may be watching yourself go viral!
  3. GOLF CLUBS CAN BE DANGEROUS:  Golfers my advice would be to stay clear of Las Vegas strip clubs, or giving your number to a hot young waitress, especially if you are married.  Golf clubs have been used as a dangerous weapon.
  4. WORK ROMANCE DOESN’T MIX:  Unless you are the star in the leading movie “50 Shades Of Grey,” you really want to keep work a professional place and your dating life separate.
  5. BEING FAR APART: If your job requires you to be away from your spouse the majority of the time you may want to have a pre-nup, post-nup, and any other “nup” you can think of, because “distance does NOT make the HEART grow FONDER!
  6. YOUR CHEATING HEART:  Remember, if you both met while you were in other relationships that old adage rings true, “if they cheat with you they will cheat on you.” 
  7. WATCH YOUR BACK: Surprise, surprise your best friend ran off with your husband. Didn’t you think it was a little weird she spent more time texting and calling him than you? Remember, what Hollywood has taught us... you can’t trust your friends!

Celebrities lives can be more drama filled than the roles they play and offer us many lessons!

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