What Your Body Says About Your Self-Esteem

sad woman

Imagine a new relationship with your body. Your body as a source of great wisdom as your guide.

Are you feeling confused or tense about a relationship problem?

Are you going around in circles listening to the voice in your head?

Are you confused listening to all the voices in your head, and the voices of teachers, parents, partners, friends who all have different opinions about what you should or shouldn't do to improve the situation?

What if there is another way?

What if you do not need a psychologist, a counselor, endless talks with girlfriends about your relationship problems?

What if your body has the answers, it is just no-one has taught us how to trust our body, and how to interpret the messages for our well being?

Imagine there is nothing wrong with you, and you could improve your self-esteem by improving your health.

Imagine you can find your own answers.

Imagine you can learn to trust your gut and make choices for your well being.

We are born to be well, body, mind and spirit within our selves and within our relationships.

Our body wants us to constantly return to a happy, healthy, content, place. We misread the tension and frustration in our body. We end up doing more of what we are doing that is creating what we don't want and looking for the answers outside ourselves.

Anytime you are feeling tension in your body, it is a message there is something that you are doing that is creating the tension.

Imagine flipping what you are doing and getting a better result!

Perhaps you are giving up everything to make your partner happy.

What if you focused on what makes you happy, how might that change the relationship without you changing your partner?

Perhaps you are tolerating being disrespected which makes you feel small and miserable and the disrespect increases.

What if you focused on saying no, and creating a boundary of respect. No fighting, no arguing, just a strong no, this is not respectful, this is. That is it. Full stop. walk away and do not tolerate disrespect.

Now I can not go through every imaginable situation in this short blog, rather I have unpacked the skills for you to learn to to trust your body and start to sense what makes you feel good and make the choices in life for your well being, in an online program, that guides you back to your true loving self.

There is a free video training series to get you started on sensing what your body is telling you, how to release limiting beliefs from past events and step into your own power.

You can find the free training series and the course at this link to embody leading your life and relationships for your well being.


If you want to know more, or have specific questions about whether this can help you with your relationship challenge please ask questions below.

Bless you and a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

You deserve it.