Being Yourself Will Give You The Most Honest Relationship

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Are you pretending to be somebody else for your partner? Own your truth and feel a sense of freedom.

When we are living our truth we feel a great sense of freedom, ease and grace inside. 

We laugh, we smile, we allow ourselves to be sad, we can say, "No, I don't want to do that" with ease, we can say, "Yes, I want to do", that with ease.

Life is good when we are being truthful to ourselves.

Of course, when we are being true to ourselves and we are accepting our partner as they are, we can co-create a great relationship.

It doesn't always happen that way.

Often one partner ends up giving themselves up to the other partner in some way. 

Often one partner does not accept the other for exactly who they are and who they are not.

Often one partner is disrespectful to the other and the person being disrespected either fights back or is submissive and either way the relationship does not work.

If you are a female and you give up your interests to do things with your partner it may start out OK but often ends up in resentment if you are not taking care of your own needs.

So you may start, by not going out with your girlfriends every Thursday night, or not having dinner with your parents, or not going to gym so you can shop. These little things start to increase and then all of a sudden you feel bitter and resentful.

"I never have time for me?'

"I am always doing things for you, you never do anything for me."

"I feel like I am not myself anymore." (yes, you lose yourself in the relationship)

The next minute there is an argument, and another, no-one knows how to release the tension, so the tension just builds up, and before you know it there is a brick wall between you and you don't know how it got there, or how to take it down.

Fortunately, this can be turned around very quickly. It does not always need endless conversations that go no-where and create more arguments and stress.

When you start to take care of yourself, make your self happy and self-love you can quickly feel nourished again. You literally restore yourself.


It sounds stange but the more you focus on you and not the other person, you will feel better and you may be surprised at how the relationship changes without a struggle. Of course, it may not, either, it totally depends on the intentions of both of you. But if the relationship with your partner does not change, but you have changed the relationship with yourself, you will be in a much better position to choose whether to stay or whether to go if the relationship is not good for your wellbeing.

If you want to know to how to start to self care, and come back to yourself I have created a free video training series for you, and a program for you to guide yourself back to your wellbeing.

Want to know more? Please ask me any questions here.

To your well being and healthy relationships with yourself and your partner!