Enjoying a delicious life?


Become more intentional in your work and love life for 2014!

Enjoying a delicious life?! In December & January, with all the parties that come with holiday territory, how does stress show up in your life? I know I can start to eat ‘a little more’ than usual… and a little more from the ‘unhealthy’ food groups. Food is a love language.  So far be it for me to not inhale love! I know from the experience of many of my clients that over-indulging in food can be a tricky seasonal pattern that can add holiday pounds that we all regret come January. Why do these patterns of over-indulgence show up at this time of the year? Is life so busy and demands of us so high from our working lives that we crave more love in our lives? As we start to form our plan for 2014, how can we design a better work-love balance that includes more social activities with our partner, our friends and our family?

Here are some questions to ask yourself so you will become more intentional both in your work & your love life next year:

 Think of all the people you spend time with in any given day. Who brings the most joy into your life experiences time and time again? Why not see them more often?
 Activate your social calendar. Plan to invite special friends over for dinner at least once a month.
 Remember all the easy access settings for social connection – coffee shops, running or spin groups, a gardening or cooking class, or any new life hobby. Engage/ sign up!

What is the first thing you will do to have better work/love balance?