5 Steps to make your Vision Real


What have you been dreaming about? Get on it. Learn how.

ACT – Action, Commitment & Teamwork

Have you noticed that the things you don’t work hard at seem to come together absolutely naturally…even more meaningfully sometimes than the things you may have become a slave to? Sometimes the things you work really hard at just seem to get harder? Why is that?

I drove out to U.B.C. today to give an interview with Marie Benard, host of 101.9 FM Synchronicity Radio. I saw a few clients in my clinic in the morning, and headed out at 11. What a beautiful feeling there is in our city right now. Vancouver streets are snow dusted and there is absolutely no traffic as a result. Love that!

As I headed over the bridge to meet Marie for the first time, I didn’t have any outline or pre-planned idea of what she might ask me regarding my new book Break-Up Breakthrough and Learning to Love Again. I couldn’t even send her my book in advance because for a number of weeks it was sold out in Vancouver. (By the way, it is restocked and available at 32 Books in North Vancouver again). Marie was introduced to me by an old friend Sabrina Del-Ray, a former radio host, who ten years ago supported a Fundraiser I was working on with a group of women in the Outreach Africa Mother’s Day Dance. In any case, here I was meeting Marie, totally unprepared except with the good intentions of sharing some of the insights of my book.

Of course Marie has that je ne sais pas ce que ability to put her interviewee ‘me’ at ease right away as she welcomed me into the sound studio where we absolutely streamed through everything from “How do you change your life scripts so you aren’t getting in the way of yourself”, to “What are telomeres”, to “How does the current brain research inform us about how men and women process grief”…One of the things that struck me about Marie is her authenticy and the immediacy of her questions and presence in the interview. And of course, the more she was herself, the more I was… and the interview just took off.

Marie was so motivated she made a U-Tube of our interview. I took that as a great compliment since she also interviewed Eckhart Tolle not too long ago. In any case, I thought you might like to listen in this week:


What puts you at ease in your life?
Do you have a vision you need support with?
Who in your social network, can you call today to get your vision started?
Not sure? Try these five steps:

1. What do really love to do?
2. How can you turn that into a creative branch of your current career?
3. Your vision is going to need support. Write out everyone in your close circle of friends. What do they do? How might they contribute their expertise to support your plan operationalizing?
4. Why not call one or two of those people on your list? Whether they join your excitement or you just get the opportunity of rehearsing a great idea, you are one step closer to your vision becoming real.
5. ACT – Action, Commitment, Teamwork