The Vital Roles of Saturated Fat

The Vital Roles of Saturated Fat
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Everyone is blaming their health problems on the intake of fats. But Fat is actually necessary.

The Vital Roles of Saturated Fat [EXPERT]

Brrr –fat is horrible & I won’t eat this. How often did you hear this? Even in the commercials & miss-informed health practitioners are singing this song.
The Big Fat lie has been has infiltrated the “health community!!!”
Everyone is blaming their health problems on the intake of fats. Excess fats are killing you & so on. Many doctors who have their authority in diagnosing diseases are very needed in our world, however most of them have not being educated about nutrition and the appropriate diets for the individuals.
Fat is actually necessary. It is a vital part of our diet & a vital component of our bodies.
Since the butter consumption has gone down there has been an increase in heart disease & cancer.
The low fat myth & increase of carbohydrates has created an escalation of carbohydrate intolerance, insulin resistance, insulin problems & a whole cascade of metabolic disorders.
Insulin is a hormone & hence when it goes out of control, there is a cascade of all kind of dysfunctions in the body.
When insulin is elevated & thyroid function slightly down, you cannot get rid of fat soluble toxins, e.g. mercury etc
Some of them are Erectile Dysfunction, Unable to sustain an erection, loss of libido, memory problems, becoming moody, depression, excessive tiredness & the list will go on and on.
Since the butter consumption has gone down there has been an increase in heart disease & cancer.
So some of the good fats are:
1. Cold Pressed Olive Oil, but read the labels and I would prefer Organic Olive Oil.
2. Sesame Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Tropical Oils including Coconut & Palm Oil, Marine Oil such as Cod liver Oil, Beef tallow, Lamb tallow, (tallow =the fatty tissue of animals)Chicken, Goose and Duck fat.
3. Butter, you can buy organic butter from a supermarket.
4. Last but not least healthy fats have nourished healthy population groups for thousands of years. Healthy fat supply nutrients that are essential for growth, energy, absorption &
5. Metabolism of many nutrients, brain function, kidneys, heart & lungs, building cell membranes, formation of hormones, healthy skin, eyes & bones.

Will write more articles about the different angles in the near future & also will create mp3 audios about the different topics.
It is also to mention that without body chemistry evaluations some people run the risk of developing blood clots if weight loss is too rapid or inappropriately managed
8 Good Reasons why you need Saturated Fats in your diet.
And another 9 Good Reasons why butter is so good for you.
1. Cell Membranes – Should be 50% saturated fats –main type of fat in brain cells.
2. Bones - Saturated fats help the body to put calcium in the bones-makes strong bones.
3. Heart Function- Saturated fats are the preferred food for the heart-athletic performance, endurance.
4. Liver –Saturated fats protect the liver from alcohol & other poisons.
5. Lungs- can’t function without saturated fats- protects against asthma
6. Kidneys- Can’t function without saturated fats.
7. Immune System- Enhanced by saturated fats-fights infection.
8. Essential Fatty Acids-Works together with saturated fats –needed for brain function, healthy skin.
Good Things in Butter. I suggest buying the organic butter.  Many supermarkets would sell this.
Vitamin A  - Shorter Chain Fatty Acids
Vitamin D  - Oleic Acid
Vitamin E  - Essential Fatty Acids
Vitamin K  - Lecithin
Copper  -Wulzen Factor; a hormone like substance that prevents arthritis & joint
  Stiffness ensuring that calcium is put into the bones rather than the joints &
  other tissues. The Wulzen factor is present only in raw butter & cream. It is
  destroyed by pasteurisation. So the next best thing is to buy pasteurized butter
  from grass fed cows.  Any kind of butter of the supermarket is better than
  Margarine which contains free radicals, synthetic vitamins, preservatives, bleach
  & artificial flavours & the list goes on & on...
Fats are the most valuable food known to man. They serve 4 purposes in the diet
1. Fats contain the most energy as well important nutrients such as important essential fatty acids, sterols & the vitamins your body needs every day.
2. They are required for prostaglandin & hormone production & for the absorption of fat –soluble vitamins in your blood stream through the intestines.
3. They make the food palatable; foods with little or no fat tend to be very blend & boring.
4. They create satiety via the release of various hormones & result in normal bowel function
Next time we will talk more about the distinction of the different fats & the benefits for health
In 2002 I was very sick & when I discovered   a different way of investigating what was challenging my health, my life turned around and many questions were being answered through the comprehensive biochemical analysis.
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