3 Tips To Remain Calm During Back To School Chaos


Getting kids, and us, back into the routine may take some getting used to. Here are some ideas.

I woke up on August 1, looked at the calendar and could feel the race starting up all over again. School is in just a few weeks and school shopping, scheduling, rethinking the summer, etc. All that is going through my head. How do I get organized? How do I do this with calm? Here are just a few thoughts.

  1. Do a little every day. Breaking big chores into small ones is a simple, yet effective way of reaching goals. It helps us not be overwhelmed.
  2. Find a spot to put clothes that need to be repaired, updated, tried on — basically a place to dump the half finished projects. Then, when you have five minutes or 10, go to the 'Dump' and get one thing done. Put on one button during a TV show or have a kid try on their uniform pants before they get dressed in the morning.
  3. Think about school. What do you want to teach your kids this year? Organization? Nutrition? Time Management? Are there chores or habits you want to build into their lives? This is a better time to start new things than the new year. Everyone has a honeymoon few weeks at the beginning of the year and if a new habit only takes 40 days, starting now or right before school gives you a headstart.

These three ideas may sound simple, but they can be effective. Let me know which ones you try at christy@christygrahamlpc.com or call me at 940-597-9635.  Have a great week!