How To ‘Trick’ Your Kid Into Weight Loss.

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10 simple ways to help an overweight child improve their diet without a tantrum or sense of loss!

Trying to talk to an overweight child about the reduction of eating candy & other junk food could be a sticky subject (in more ways than one) and a mind field of tantrum triggers!

Approaching the subject is often problematic, you don’t want to make them self conscious about their weight, make them depressed or to be blamed for any possible body image issues in the future!

Even so as a parent you have a ‘duty of care’ and responsibility to keep your child healthy!

So how do you go about helping an overweight child increase their physical activity and improve their diet without creating an issue? Here are a few pointers;


1 - Don't Pressurize Your Kids
Pressurising a child or an adult for that matter, only leads to resistance. Creating resentment in your child won’t do much for your relationship and definitely won’t help them lose weight.

Lead by example and they will pick up your behaviours, habits and attitude. Without being aware of it you’ll be ‘tricking’ them into learning about healthy food and nutrition.

If they ask questions like “why have we no chips?” in the house or “why have we so much fruit in the Kitchen”, state that you are feeling much happier since eating extra fruit, that it’s healthy and you have much more energy and vitality eating those sorts of foods.

Focus your answers onto whatever it is that is important to your child. If being more active is something they aspire to then mention those traits in yourself. If they wish to do better at school, mention that since eating more vegetables your mind is clearer, your memory is better or you can concentrate at work better than before perhaps.
You know your child best so focus on the traits you think will LEVERAGE change in them.