6 Ways To Help Your Bridesmaids Get In Shape

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None intrusive weight loss strategies that won't offend or alienate your bridesmaid.

Looking good at their wedding is a priority for most brides. This isn't surprising, as everyone who is dear to them will be there on the day — not to mention the photos and videos that will be shared for the rest of time.

Some would argue that it is of little importance for a bridesmaid to be slim. In fact, there is a following that advocates choosing a bridesmaid who is larger than the bride so the bride look slimmer!

Whatever your opinion, asking a bridesmaid to lose weight will almost definitely cause friction between everyone. Most bridesmaids would consider this an insult, and insults rarely create motivation to make changes — it's confidence that motivates people. When people feel confident, they're more likely to take on challenges such as exercising or weight loss.

Here are some tips to get your bridesmaid to slim down without upsetting or alienating her:

  1. Gym Buddy: Ask her to go along with you to the gym "just to keep me company." You could even negotiate at your local gym a discounted gym membership for a short period for all your bridesmaids, so you can all go together and the emphasis will not be on one person.
  2. Dress Distress: Tell her they have sent her dress one size too small, and they have no more material left to let it out. Then ask, "Do you think you'll be able get into it?"
  3. Boot Camp: Offer to pay for a Boot Camp for all the bridesmaids!
  4. Healthy Eating: Most research suggests that quality of food is far more important in losing weight than exercise. Suggesting you go together to a healthy eating or cooking class would be a good way of educating the bridesmaids about good nutrition. A good excuse could be that you, the bride, want to work on your culinary skills before marriage.
  5. Beach Exposure: Book a pre-wedding beach holiday for all the girls — the thought of sunbathing in a bikini is often the leverage for a girl to get in shape.
  6. Wedding Plan: Tell her you are stressed about wedding planning, and invite her on a bike ride, a run, or an exercise class.

If all else fails, chiffon dresses conceal everything!

Question: Do you care about the size & shape of your bridesmaids?

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