5 Reasons Why Marketing Your Worth Will HELP Your Love Life


Using entrepreneurship for your dating life can be more rewarding than you think!

Over the years in business, I’ve had to endure a lot of challenges to get to the point where I’m at today. From missed opportunities, to a lack of awareness of my own gifts and talents. I’ve had to take inventory of myself and my progress towards meeting my goals. But through this journey, I’ve learned a lot about business that I believe can easily be applied to the dating world as well. It may seem like dating and entrepreneurship have nothing in common but you would be surprised at how much they often do run parallel to each other.

Below are 5 things I’ve learned that I hope can help you in dating:

Know Your Worth!—As an entrepreneur, it is a must that I know my value. In other words, what is it that I bring to the table? It’s the same in dating.  What do you bring to the table? Do you have your own place to stay? Do you have your own car? Are you a college graduate? These could be your most prized accomplishments. 

And not just material gains, your accomplishments could also be that you’re a spiritual person making a difference in the world. When you partner with someone else, you create synergy between the things you bring to the table and what they’re able to bring to the table as well. I meet a lot of women who have so much going for themselves, dating a guy who hasn’t even got started as of yet! Why settle for less when you're worth so much more?

Rejection is NOT an option!—In fact, it’s guaranteed! Every successful entrepreneur knows that rejection comes with the territory. This is the one thing that stops many people from becoming entrepreneurs too! And the same principle applies in dating. Once a person gets rejected by someone they really like, the show is over.  

They’re ready to take a break! If I had a nickle for every rejection I’ve ever had, I would be rich! Listen, rejection is a part of life. Some people may not like you because your hair is red and you like the color blue! That should not stop you from pursuing your goal! Every rejection gets you closer to your desires. Rome wasn’t built in one night so please don’t give up the towel until you find someone who likes what you have to offer!

Every Lead Is NOT a guaranteed sale!—I get a LOT of leads or potential clients per day. But leads don’t always translate to sales. Sales doesn’t happen until contracts are signed and money has exchanged parties. This theory should apply in dating too! 

I see a lot of people place all of their eggs in one basket or one person, hoping and praying the relationship will lead to marriage—and when it doesn’t they become devastated. Listen, I’m all for concentrating on one person to see if the relationship works out but just be aware that a "lead" or a date doesn’t always guarantee a "sale" or marriage. You may want to think about your options.

Find the source of your leads!—One of the things I’ve had to learn in gaining clients is what resources I’m using to attract them to me. For instance, some entrepreneurs are great at attracting clients at networking events while others are great at attracting clients doing online marketing activities. So if you’re looking to find someone, ask yourself where do you spend the majority of your time? 

This could be the place in which you may need to focus your efforts to find that special someone. In your past, where were you able to attract your long term partners? For example, if you do more things online than you do offline, than online dating may be the best place for you to find him or her. Maybe you spend most of your time at work. Why not try to do more activities after work that may help you get to know the people in your surroundings in order to attract a mate there. Either way, you need to find out where your odds are greater at finding a mate. 

Stay in your lane!—So many of us are trying to do jobs and activities that are totally outside of our gifts and talents. Some of the top entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to focus on what you do best in order to become successful. The same thing can be applied to dating. What are your true gifts and talents in relationships? Are you more of a nurturer? Do you play a great supporting role? 

Maybe you’re a great cook, best repair man in the house or you know how to keep the money flowing to keep the family stable. Whatever the case, find the thing that you do best and build on it. It’s not necessary to “"market" it to potential suitors but you can make them aware of your gifts and talents so they’ll be more intrigued with you. This could be the one thing that helps you attract a plethora of quality mates and suitors into your life. 

In short, as you can see, there are many similarities between dating and entrepreneurship. I often apply many of these principles to other parts of my life as well. From knowing your worth as a person and what gifts and talents you bring to the table—to recognizing and understanding that rejection gets you closer to the people who will like and accept what you have to offer. From knowing where to find the right suitor and then understanding that just because you score a date does not guarantee marriage. Hopefully, I’ve mentioned a few points that you can apply to your own dating life to make the dating journey that much easier.   

Thanks for reading!

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