3 Tips For Business Success Against All Odds

How To Be Successful In Business

Learn how to experience authentic happiness and empower yourself even during recessionary times.

When I am business coaching my clients, I wish I had a list of success secrets we could all refer to. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all ages, and the recession has hit us all hard. We are still dreaming that the recession is receding and that the economy is improving. Many of my clients are pushing themselves to the limit and often blame themselves for not doing enough. We are all doing our best. Here are 3 tips for business success, against all odds, that have been well received by my clients.

Rather than blaming yourself and doing more, breathe while you observe what is going on around you with neutrality. Make sure that the doing and the being are in balance. Rather than doing more, be in the present and look at who you are. Look at your circumstances neutrally and remind yourself that what you are going through is neither good nor bad, it just is. Here's what I have noticed and here are my 3 tips for business success. Let me know if what I see resonates with you.

  1. Don't define your own worth by the amount of money you make. Setting goals and achieving goals in business are important. Remember, though, that authentic happiness is related to who you are in business, not what you do. Being present to your current circumstances is important to succeed in business.
  2. Stop defining yourself and your business identity by the services you offer. Service is passé. With the click of a button, we can get anything these days. Dive into getting to know yourself and identifying the value you offer. Then use that value to revamp your marketing.
  3. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. From a place of neutrality, ask yourself, "In which areas of my business do I do that?" Don't blame yourself, don't call yourself names, and don't do anything about it. Just assess. Then, from that neutral place, ask yourself how you could be different in that area. It's about you shifting from doing to being.

Don't forget that celebrating success with every step you take and being present to current circumstances brings authentic happiness. These 3 tips for business success against all odds are meant to help you look at yourself in a benevolent light and with the respect you deserve.

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