5 Myths Every Man Must STOP Believing To Understand Women

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Men tend to misinterpret women's behaviors as being sexually interested, but that's not the case...

Gentleman from across the globe, welcome to How To Understand Women 101. 

Please find below everyday innocent actions of women which you constantly misinterpret to suit your own sexual agenda:

MYTH #1. Friendliness Equals "She Wants It."

Friendliness DOES NOT MEAN we are being flirtatious or sending you signals of sexual desire and opportunity. It means that being friendly is an inherent part of our character, of which we don't feel we should have to alter, minimise, or stifle just so that you don't wrongfully mistake our amicability for sexual availability.

Customer service attendants and Jehovah Witnesses are friendly. Does that mean they are "asking for it" too?

MYTH #2. Smiling Equals "She Wants It."

Smiling DOES NOT INDICATE sexual interest or invitation. If we happen to be smiling in your direction, it may be because smiling is our natural inclination, something has made us happy, or we wish to cordially acknowledge you as a human being.

Smiling does not denote us being interested in you and nor is it an indication that we want to have sex with you. ......Babies, nuns, and the elderly smile. Does that mean they want to have sex with you also?

MYTH #3. Eye-Contact Equals "She Wants It."

Eye-contact DOES NOT IMPLY that we want you, or anything to do with you for that matter.

Eye-contact ensues when two people look at each other at the same time. There are several possible explanations as to why we may have made eye-contact with you: pure chance (don't be flattered that you just happened to move into our line of eye-sight or blatantly stepped right in front of us), genuine courtesy (making eye-contact with a person underpins respectful and positive interpersonal communication), or perhaps a wish to connect with you as a fellow human being.

Just because we make eye-contact with you (or even sustain eye-contact with you for that matter), it is by no means indicative of how we perceive you physically or sexually, nor does it signify a desire to get into bed with you. All it means is that we are confident and adept at social communication.

Your father, your boss, and your local law enforcement officers would all presumably make eye-contact with you if you happened to be in the vicinity of their space........Does that represent sexual invitation as well?

MYTH #4. Maintaining or Initiating a Conversation Equals "She Wants It."

Maintaining or initiating a conversation DOES NOT DENOTE that we find you attractive or that we are considering you as a potential sexual partner.

What it does mean, is that we are either enjoying the issue being discussed and wish to continue conversing about it, we are learning something new which we deem beneficial to our personal growth, or that we just really like talking and don't really care who it's with.

Your mother most probably maintains and initiates conversations with you. Does that mean she "wants it" too?

MYTH #5. Open Discussion about Sexual Preferences Equals "She Wants It."

Open discussion about our sexual preferences or what we enjoy or like sexually DOES NOT BESPEAK us wanting you to play any part in our sexual life whatsoever. It simply illustrates that we are completely comfortable and self-assured in expressing our sexuality and feel at ease in discussing it openly without shame, reluctance or reservation.

Your mates discuss their sexual preferences with you openly, no doubt. Does that mean that they are "hot for you" also?

This article was originally published at Miya's personal blog page on Suite. Reprinted with permission from the author.