7 Safe Sex Tips For Women Of All Ages


Whether you're in your early twenties or late eighties, if you're having sex, you need to be safe.

7 Safe Sex Tips For Women of All Ages 

  1. Discuss safe sex measures well before you get to the bedroom (as early on in the relationship as possible), letting your partner know your ‘no condom, no sex’ personal policy
  2. Affirm to your potential partner that your sexual health protective measures are not open for negotiation or compromise
  3. Be clear and direct with your partner that if he respects and cares for you, he would not try to force you into risking your sexual health and safety
  4. Incorporate condom use into creative and sensual foreplay
  5. Have your man practice masturbating with a condom to get used to the sensation
  6. Don’t risk your health for anyone, no matter how much you like them, or how insistent they are
  7. Have an STI checkup with your partner before you begin to engage in unprotected sex.

This article was originally published at AISHM. Reprinted with permission from the author.