5 Ways A Couples Erotic Photoshoot Can Uplift Your Sex Life

Get freaky with it

There are 5 reasons as to why having a erotic photo shoot can spice up your monogamous relationship

"One of my models once told me that after one of our photo shoots she had the best sex ever with her boyfriend ... I took that as a compliment."

Edmond Thommen, Sydney-based photographer. 

... Ever entertained the possibility that getting professional erotic pictures taken could actually enhance your sex life and relationship satisfaction?

... Here's five ways a couples erotic photo shoot could benefit sex in your relationship, based on the most recent research studies.

1. Studies reveal that partaking in an erotic photography shoot can lead to higher sexual esteem and body esteem in women.
Considering higher sexual esteem has been positively associated with enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction, this is a significant discovery with positive implications for you and your lover in the proverbial sack. Simply put, participating in an erotic photo shoot has the capacity to improve a woman's sex life through enhancing her sexual self esteem.What this means for you and her: She'll feel confident in her body and exuding sexuality as she'll have embraced her sexual essence as opposed to cutting off from it. And if she feels sexy, she'll be wanting sexual experiences as her sexual energy channels will have opened up. Arrange you and your girl to do a professional erotic photo shoot and she'll come out more sexually confident post-shoot, meaning Wild-Mad-Sex-Vixen is unleashed in the bedroom; aka, more sexual pleasure and fun for all!

2. An erotic photo-shoot is a novel experience which can reignite sexual desire and extinguish sexual boredom in relationships.
Sex in long-term monogamous relationships does not have to live up to its stereotypical label of 'boring'. Studies consistently indicate novelty to be an essential ingredient in resurrecting passion between long-term lovers. Having an erotic photo shoot is a novel means of spicing up sex in long term relationships, by creating a new experience to reignite sexual passion and interest between partners. Erotic photo shoots for couples are a powerful transformative means to turn bored married couples into bold, sexy and impassioned lovers. Erotic photo shoot experiences allow the enactment of a fantasy experience, providing opportunity for exploration of roles that are separate from a woman's normal experiences.What this means for you and her: Sex can transcend from mundane missionary to exploratory eroticism whereby wife may just trade that baggy t-shirt she's worn to bed for the last decade in for a sexy French maid outfit or some banging lingerie. 

3. Participation in an erotic photo-shoot improves how a woman regards her body which leads to heightened sex drive.
Studies have shown that how a woman feels about her body has more of an affect on her sexual functioning than how her body actually does look; and that through practising body awareness, women can enhance their subjective sexual arousal, regardless of whether her body esteem is low. According to a Canadian study exploring female experiences of erotic photo shoots, many women reported the erotic photo shoot experience to positively influence the way they viewed and felt about their bodies, which ultimately resulted in changes in their sexual and relational behaviours. What this means for you and her: You will be saving on a gym membership or a cosmetic holiday to Thailand by investing in erotic photos as she will feel good about herself and sexy in her own skin, no matter what her body looks like. This will make her feel confident and enjoy sex more, resulting in more "Yes, tonight dear's as opposed to not. 

4. Erotic photo-shoots are a wonderful means for exploration of sexual boundaries for women.
Research shows that erotic photo-shoots enable women to both explore and challenge the personal boundaries and limitations of their sexuality and sexual expression. What this means for you and her: She's less inhibited in bed, is willing to try more things and open to sexual adventure. Result: Yes, you may finally be able to bring up your fetish for (insert crazy freaky sex fantasy you've never dared to mentioning) without being metaphorically or literally slapped in the face.

5. Partaking in an erotic photo shoot literally "Brings sexy back" for women.
Research demonstrates that women describe the erotic photo shoot experience as a platform which allows them to reclaim elements of their sexuality. Women who participate in an erotic photo shoot benefit from being able to reconnect with their sexual selves, reigniting or enhancing her libido, sensuality and eroticism.What this means for you and her: She remembers what it's like to feel and be sexy and sexual, maximising her capacity to embrace her sexual urges (and yours for that matter!) and consciously experience sexual desire and passion. -Translated into manspeak: she'll be on heat, and you'll be majorly getting some.

Research shows that erotic photographic shoots can significantly enhance the sex lives of long term lovers by increasing a woman's sexual and body esteem, providing a novel fantasy experience, and letting her rediscover parts of her sexuality to feel sensual, sexual and sexy again. *There is currently no existing research investigating the relational consequences of erotic photo shoots.


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