Years in Practice

10 years +


Bozeman MT 59718 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Tap into the truth of who you are as unconditional love, unity, understanding & acceptance.

About Misty Harding

I am a messenger for Heavenly Beings - the 8 Archangels, Jeshua and Mother Mary. When my client starts talking, they direct me how to ask for help from them on their behalf. They also give me messages to share and sometimes have me share what I have learned from my own experiences.

I am honored and humbled by their presence and support in my life. Without them it would be a life of misery (I know - I have been there).

My passion is to help women reclaim their power and worth in order to live a fulfilling life by connecting to the Heavenly Realms. Embodying their Soul, and become congruent and and in alignment to their Soul's purpose.
During sessions, you not only receive messages & healing, you receive an energy transmission that raises your vibration and connects you to the Heavenly Realms, opens your spiritual channels and puts you in an expanded state of consciousness. Being in this expanded state of consciousness opens you to the flow of Divine Love and Grace.

When you are connected to the highest vibrational source and claim your power, you stop playing small, shift your consciousness and begin to live your Soul's purpose..

Angels want to help you in every area of your life. They help you heal or feel different about a situation (what I call a miracle), be clear about the best actions to take, and bring you closer to God. Your job is to ask and be open to receive.

The Angels know you are a powerful, loving child of God. They never hold judgement or have an agenda for you. They know you are on the perfect path for you as they see the big picture in all situations. They can impart this knowing to you. It is not something you can reason out.