Russell And Katy Split On Worst Week Of Year For Marriage

Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s marital split has happened in the worst month of the year for marriages.  Another of my survey's for has confirmed it - January is harder on couples than any other month.

Statistics show that the 4th of January is the day most married people either think about embarking on an affair or splitting from their partner completely.  Marriages are often stretched to breaking point over the festive period and thousands of unhappily married people look for a new partner or a way out. The first weeks of January offers them a chance to escape from the trappings of a familial Christmas and the claustrophobia that accompanies it.

In Celebrityville, we can see these stats playing out - Brand, 36, announced last Friday (30/12/11) that his 14-month marriage to Katy Perry was over. This week Russell was photographed in London leaving the Savoy Hotel with Florence Welch on Saturday.

January might spell a tough time for spouses, but contrarywise, we also know that people are less likely to cheat in the summertime, when they are happier and enjoying more activity-based dates with their partner.  Spending time together isn't the trigger - it's having to spend time together that is the problem.  Couples that might benefit from a little time apart are forced to spend a few weeks in a room with the close relatives, their noise nephews, and the stress that is now inseperable from the Holiday Season.

The answer?  Make time and space for yourself to relax alone during Christmas.  If you have to spend a lot of time together, suggest some structured and fun activities to engage in with your spouse and your family, rather than falling into the trap of too much telly and minimal communication.  If things get heating or you feel irritable, take some time out for yourself and try and seperate the real problems from the cabin fever.


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