Online Dating Safety: 7 Signs He's A Criminal

Online Dating Safety: 7 Signs He's A Criminal [EXPERT]

5. He has a bad temper. If he's snappy, often irate, is mean to waitresses, and always looking for a fight, chances are he has a history of violent behavior and may even be abusing drugs. This is probably the most dangerous sort of criminal and if he displays any signs of an anger problem, I would definitely recommend you run!

6. He frequently breaks the speed limit. It may not be obvious, but if he drives like he's Michael Schumacher and frequently breaks speed limits, he clearly has no respect for the law, his life, your life, and the life of other road users. Plus, how did he learn to drive so fast? Maybe he used to be a car racer, or, maybe he's had a lot of practice from being chased by police. Think about it.

7. He says all the right things. This is a tricky one because only Mr. Right would say all the right things, right? Well, not necessarily. Domestic abusers are known for their initial charm: their great way with words, their romantic behavior, and their chivalry. But be careful of someone who seems too good to be true since there's a small chance they just may be untrue. And, if you haven't yet met him, but you've spent three months messaging him online and he keeps failing to meet you, but somehow seems to always be running into some kind of financial difficulty, block him before you end up selling your house for a man that never was. Ladies, You Need To Watch Out For These Online Dating Red Flags

Online dating is generally safe, fun, and exciting; you could have a very good chance of meeting the one. But be cautious and alert; you want the good one, not the bad one! (Unless, of course, that's your thing...)