Working Out Leads To More Orgasms!


Believe it or not!

Just another good reason to work out --- to increase your orgasms!

Women are talking about “coregasms” which is when you do a certain amount of abdominal exercises you….orgasm! I know having an orgasm at the gym doesn’t seem ideal but the idea that you’re getting a boost in endorphins AND a possible orgasm (which relieves stress) sounds pretty enticing.

When I’m talking to clients, I am always encouraging them to let themselves feel sexual, let themselves feel sensual. At the gym, you are hitting all sorts of muscles that don’t get a lot of attention during the day. You’re in positions that you’re normally not in and it looks sexual, well let it feel sexual. Get wrapped up in the moment and enjoy it. You’re not a perv!

If you want a sexual mind, you must constantly be feeding it sexual food. Let the gym be a tasty treat!

Check out my response video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjbfgh-NR6w

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