“We Uh,…Forgot How Much Fun Sex Was”


Have you forgotten how much sex is? How long has it been?

Have you forgotten how much fun sex is? One of my clients did.

It’s normal for any relationship to go through high and low times of sex. All sorts of things take our mind away from the bedroom such as work, kids, stress, deadlines, etc.

Some couples I have worked with have a healthy relationship even if it’s been a few months since they’ve had sex. It’s not that they don’t want to – it’s just that life has gotten in the way and they both come to bed exhausted. This is more normal than you’ll ever believe.

However, two months can turn into six months… which turns into a year. Before you know it you’re not only in the habit but you’re used to being a non-sexual couple.

Most couples who consider themselves open communicators are shocked at what “wow, we haven’t had sex in six months” sounds like outside of their head. Just like when you’re singing in your head, everything sounds normal but when you start singing outloud – totally different. Right?!

Have you ever caught yourself talking about something and realized the minute you started talking about it outloud an epiphany strikes? Bingo! So take this and apply it to your sexual relationship if it’s been awhile.

I literally had a couple come in one week giddy as could be just solely because they “remembered” to have sex. OF course! Lots of wonderful things are happening when you get close - you're releasing oxytocin (attachment hormone) and endorphins (happy hormones) and most importantly, you're connecting in the most intimate way you can with your mate. Some people think the sex can get boring but correct me if I’m wrong – if you’ve ever had sex when you weren’t in the mood, weren’t you glad you did when it was over?

Go epiphany it up in the bedroom this weekend!

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