Want Celebrity Skincare?


Even celebs have issues with their skin despite their photoshoped looks!

Everyone is trying to find miracle cures for their skin ailments. Lotions, oils, peels; some even go as far as facial reconstructive surgery. Celebrities too have skin problems, regardless of what you may see in the tabloids and magazines, and go to extremes to try and fix their problems.

Have you ever thought that what you eat could be contributing to that acne on your face or those bags under your eyes? Kate Winslet only realized this after reading Elizabeth Gibaud's book The Facial Analysis Diet, where Gibaud details the foods that cause skin ailments. So perhaps it's time to put down that bag of Cheetos and pick up a bag of spinach leaves!

Check out this video for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqF85BCvA6I&feature=plcp