Top 8 Erogenous Zones For Men

Top 8 Erogenous Zones For Men

Do you know all the hot spots on your man? Read on!

Finding ways to spice up your sex life can be exhausting.

Adding an extra kick to your relationship doesn't have to be in the form of a new cirque du soleil move, you can just go to the basics.

Both of your bodies are covered with nerve endings that are very sensitive to touch and they are also erogenous zones.

If you just spend a little time getting to know these zones, your sex life will perk up immediately.

It's important to remember that these zones are very sensitive so you can't over-do it with rough touch.

I am always telling clients I see that no matter how experienced of a lover they are, it's important to learn your new partner. Doing what you have done on all your other partners because it worked out well, doesn't mean it's going to work for your partner.

The more you leave space and discuss sexuality openly in your relationship, the better chances you will have of doubling your pleasure!