Top 10 Erogenous Zones For Women

Top 10 Erogenous Zones For Women

Do you know all of your erogenous zones? Double check here!

Getting to know your own body and all your pleasure zones is a dauting task. One myth I like to bust is that people think you should just "know" what turns you on. That's not the case though, it takes time, courage and lots of alone time to get down to the oohhs and ahhhs. 

However, even when people are alone, they are sometimes without a map! I have created a video for women (to get to know themselves better) and men (to get to know their ladies better) that will help introduce all of your erogenous zones. 

Erogenous zones are areas on your body with lots of nerve endings that help your body repsond to arousal. Knowing them will also help you understand your sexuality and sensual side better too.

I get asked on a daily basis what couples can do to spice of their sex lives- knowing and exploring your erogenous zones is a big one! Just kissing and touching places you're not used to will draw extra excitement in the sheets!

The more you know about your body, the more you can navigate your Captain for the best journeys ever, starting tonight.

I hope you enjoy the video! Please do comment and let me know if there are any zones that are missing, I may have to do a part two! 

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