Toothbrush Ecstasy! Yes, You Heard Me Right!


Think that sounds crazy?! May sound nuts but read on- trust me!

One of the most vetted topics out there is – “How do you keep the sex fresh after years?” My advice: Brush your genitals! Literally, minus the toothpaste!

Like I am always saying you don’t have to bend like a pretzel or preform like a circus act to have the most exciting sex life. You can add simple things (like a toothbrush) or tweak your regular routine to keep things interesting (adding lights, re: previous post “Lights Off”)!

I’ve also mentioned before that women and men have orgasms in completely different ways – women need tempo (slow…fast….slow slow…fast..thrust…etc.) and men need slow to fast! When stimulating her clitoris you need to not beat it like your own personal tiny drum set…but graze it gently!! A soft bristled toothbrush will help you work on this and make it fun. Trade in your drum set for a harpsichord! Stroke her gently and then, get this….. TRADE! That’s right! Have her stroke your balls with the toothbrush! Yes, I am certain you two will be quite happy with your new toy and you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Cheap thrills in a slow economy.

I know you won’t fully understand this until you try it, so don’t even think about rolling those eyes or giving me the thumbs down UNTIL after you try it. At that point, if you still aren’t buying it -I will gladly refer you out to one of my good therapist friends! JK JK!

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* Also, I know I don’t need to say this but I DO. 1.) Please don’t use your regular toothbrush. Go out and invest in a few soft bristled toothbrushes. 2.) Make sure to dispose after your play time or wash thoroughly to keep from spreading old play time bacteria.

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